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Dave Evans - In Between the Days Shindig Article

Read the complete Dave Evans article from Shindig Magazine

Fingerstyle Guitar Journal Interview

Read the full Interview with Stefan Grossman by downloading the PDF file link

"Work and Worry" Interview with Stefan Grossman

I had been reviewing records and DVDs from Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop on this blog, pretty much since its inception. I happened to see an announcement on Grossman’s Yuku forum that he was getting ready to present a country blues workshop in Sparta, New Jersey, his home base. I thought that this might be my opportunity to nab an interview with the man.

Wednesday's FREE Video Lesson with PDF tab/music

Every Wednesday we e-mail a link to a free lesson of ours on YouTube including a link to the PDF tab/music for that lesson. Make sure to be signed up to our mailing list to receive this information.

VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE praises The Guitar of Robert Johnson - By Michael Dregni

We rarely review instructional videos, but this one is something special. And it’s more than just a how-to guide:it’s an in-depth, note-for-note-documentary look at the playing-style of one of the most influential blues men of all time. And for that reason alone –whether you’re willing to sell your soul to the devil to learn to play like Mr. Johnson or not – you owe it to yourself to check out Mr. Feldmann’s study.

Accessing the PDF Booklets on our DVDs & CDs

On our DVD lessons and some SGGW CDs you will find tab/music PDF booklets. These are easy to access on either a Mac or a PC.

Accessing the PDF Booklets on our DVDs & CDs

Download File

On our DVD lessons and some SGGW CDs you will find tab/music PDF booklets. On a Mac these are very easy to access. Just double click on the DVD/CD icon on the desktop. You'll see the PDF tab/music booklet. On a PC you should follow these instructions by clicking on this link. You'll need Adobe Acrobat (a free download) to open the PDF files. E-mail if you have any problems.