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John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection

  • John Miller's Country Blues Guitar Collection
    Hard Copy    $26.99  Item Number:  30015

    Taught by: John Miller Publisher: Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

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    featuring the music of Mississippi John Hurt, Ed Bell, Furry Lewis, Memphis Minnie, Tom Dickson, Robert Wilkins, Julius Daniels, Blind Blake, Luke Jordan, Buddy Moss, Geeshie Wiley, Tommy Johnson, Walter Vinson, Bo Carter, Otis Harris and Lil' Son Jackson

    “In selecting the performances for inclusion in this book, I have tried to get a variety of musical approaches and sounds. There are songs with a very pared-back chordal vocabulary, like Ed Bell's ‘Mean Conductor Blues’ and others, like Bo Carter's ‘Your Biscuits Are Big Enough For Me’ with a sophistication that is jazz-influenced. In addition, I've selected the music of players from a variety of locales, since in the early years of the Country Blues, musical styles were often region-specific; so we have here players from Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. 

    Having a CD with the book that includes all the original performances that I used to perform the transcriptions presented here is not only an invaluable learning tool, it offers you the prospect of hours of listening pleasure, as you get acquainted with the songs and get the sound in your head. I can't emphasize enough what an essential part listening plays in learning this style. It provides you with models to shoot for in your own performances of the music, but also a much broader sense of the musical style and all that it encompasses.”  – John Miller

    Titles include: MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT Stack O'Lee, Blessed Be The Name, Big Leg Blues ED BELL Mean Conductor Blues FURRY LEWIS I Will Turn Your Money Green, Big Chief Blues MEMPHIS MINNIE Reachin' Pete TOM DICKSON Happy Blues ROBERT WILKINS I Do Blues, I'll Go With Her JULIUS DANIELS 99 Year Blues BLIND BLAKE Doin' A Stretch LUKE JORDAN Church Bells Blues BUDDY MOSS New Lovin' Blues, Insane Blues GEESHIE WILEY Eagle's On A Half TOMMY JOHNSON Slidin' Delta WALTER VINSON Overtime Blues BO CARTER My Baby, Cigarette Blues, Your Biscuits Are Big Enough For Me, Policy Blues OTIS HARRIS You Like My Lovin' LIL' SON JACKSON Groundhog Blues

    Level 2/3 • 120 pages • 1 CD

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