I Got Rhythm


I Got Rhythm

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I Got Rhythm

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featuring Ton Van Bergeyk, John James, Dale Miller & Sam Mitchell

The music that was popular from the turn of the century to the 1940's offers the guitar player some fascinating sounds to arrange. This album is a collection of pop standards, novelty instrumentals, serious jazz compositions and rags. There are many ways to approach this wide spectrum of music. This album features four of the finest acoustic guitar players. From the United States we have Dale Miller, from Holland the Dutch Wizard, Ton Van Bergeyk, from Wales John James and from England Sam Mitchell.

Each guitarist has his own individual sound and ideas for arranging. It is interesting to hear the differences in texture and feel that these four guitarists bring to their music. As well, this album shows the strength of the guitar as an instrument for capturing the sounds of a bygone era. From Sam Mitchell's slide guitar to John James' well thought out duets to Dale Miller's delicate combo like approach to Ton Van Bergeyk's complete sounding six string orchestra we get a glimpse into how one can try arranging and performing this music on the guitar. This album also has a certain humor. You can hear this clearly in Anno 1926 or (Who's That) Knocking At My Door or even the surf like Sophisticated Slide.

Originally released in 1976

Track Listing(click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

1. I Got Rhythm* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
2. Under The Moon - John James 
3. Sophisticated Slide - Sam Mitchell 
4. Medley For the Duke: Jubilee Stomp & Take It Easy* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
5. Anno 1926* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
6. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Dale Miller 
7. Sugar* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
8. The Cat And The Dog* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
9. (Who's That) Knocking At My Door - John James 
10. Frog-I-More Rag* - Ton Van Bergeyk
11. Dirty Dozens - Sam Mitchell 
12. Ain't Misbehaving - Dale Miller 
13. Stumblin'* - Ton Van Bergeyk 
14. Ballin' The Jack - John James 
15. These Foolish Things - Dale Miller 

Those tunes marked with a star (*) are included in tab/music PDF booklet on this CD.


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