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African Guitar

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    African Guitar

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    Solo Fingerstyle Guitar Music from Uganda, Congo/Zaire, Central African Republic, Malawi, Namibia and Zambia

    This 60 minute DVD offers a rare view into the rich textures of African fingerstyle guitar music. It was recorded by the famed cultural anthropologist Gerhard Kubik between 1966 and 1993. these are audio-visual field recordings from isolated African villages to the gardens of Europe, presenting some fo the legends of this style:Mwenda Jean Bosco, Faustino Okello, Pierre Gwa, Daniel Kachamba and others.

    The roots of blues guitar techniques are seen in these recordings, as are the intricate sounds and rhythms of African music adapted to solo fingerstyle guitar. Twenty-six songs are included, as well as an 80 page detailed booklet giving historical, musical and biographical perspectives.

    Titles include: MWENDA JEAN BOSCO Twende Kwetu, Nyumbani, Ni Furaha, Masanga Njia, Bombalaka, Bibi Mupenzi FAUSTINO OKELLO Matide Aboyo, Loskel Ucyakewaki Kongo PERRE GWA Aba Ri Kwala, Babuti Mwana Lolo Ya Tembe, Ndiango, Ikwela DANIEL KACHAMBA Dolosin Lumba, Mimi Kwenda Nairobi, Dzana Lija Tinali Tonse MOYA ALIYA Ghapumura Munu, Wendi, Tango Paya MOSE YOTAMU Mwenaku Mama, Nani Anyamata Mukufuna Ncito . . . , Lead Guitar Variations, Ove Tata! Ove Mama!

    Running Time: 60 minutes

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    Review: Better than 100 books!!! This DVD might be the best tutorial for those interested in learning African accoustic (read: fingerpicking) guitar styles. Students of ethnomusicology/cultural anthropology will also find it useful. Sometimes the sound quality leaves much to be desired, but remember that these were field recordings from 12 to 40 years ago. Some truly legendary figures are filmed here, including Jean Bosco Mwenda, father of Congolose guitar. However, in my opinion, Malawi's Daniel Kachamba who steals the show, particularly his last song which ends in a full band treatment.

    There's more than just fingerpicking here. The plectrum attack of Namibia's Erasmus Ndara's second song is seriously funky, while Zambian Mose Yotamu uses a flatpick for an electric guitar style solo and strums barre chords accoustic rock style. These's also some dreamy slide guitar from Moya Malamusi. Africa being the poor continent that it is , we see the resourcefulness of these guitarists in several aspects; (i) playing with 5 strings due to missing strings and/or tuning posts (ii) using a stick as a pick (iii) sticks and rubber bands as capos (iv) a bottle as a slides. None of this takes anything away from the top-notch musicianship of these guys. - Muk/Amazon Customer Review




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