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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar- Bop To Modern

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    Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar- Bop To Modern

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    This lesson focuses on various bop and modern jazz compositions. The approach for the fingerstyle guitarist differs from those used in playing swing tunes in that the harmonic structure is more sophisticated and the bass lines typical of swing are inappropriate to the more contemporary styles of modern jazz. The music of Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Benny golson, Sonny Rollins and the South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) is featured in this dvd.

    Titles include: Blue Monk, Sweet and Lovely, Out of the Past, St. Thomas, Tintiyana and Mr. Jelly Roll Soul

    74 minutes • Level 3/4 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: "This is a remarkable trilogy of videos from Duck Baker on the art of fingerstyle jazz guitar. Melody Maker describes Baker as: 'the kind of guy you instinctively feel should be internationally declared as some kind of innovator's master, not only for his sheer technique as an indisputable guitar virtuoso, but for his free-ranging spirit.' The origins of that opinion are clearly evident in these videos, as Baker brings his magnificent guitar work and expansive knowledge of guitar to life. More important than that virtuosity, however, is his ability to teach and explain his arrangements and ideas. Produced by Stefan Grossman, music and tab for the tunes is included withthe split-screen-filmed video which allows for simultaneous up-close viewing of left and right hand movements. I highly recommend these to intermediate level players. There is something very special about Baker that pervades all of his work. Some artists are truly exquisite musicians who inspire, but they also intimidate other players. Baker takes a tune like Take the A Train and convinces you that it was a guitar tune arranged for a big band. Here is someone whose work is genuinely inspiring and he presents it in a manner that puts it just within your reach -- if you want to work at it." – Sing Out!

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