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Get Started on Guitar taught by Chet Atkins

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    Get Started on Guitar taught by Chet Atkins

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    This deluxe edition of Chet’s Get Started On Guitar presents a DVD containing the original video lesson of the same title along with a more detailed tab/music book.

    Chet teaches the basics to his style. There are tips on tunings, playing and changing chords, harmonics, rolls, playing by ear, playing melodies and fingerpicking chords.

    Songs like On Top Of Old Smoky, Yesterday, Jambalaya, Greensleeves, Knucklebusters, Yankee Doodle Dixie, Take Me Home Country Roads, Playing For Scale and New Guitar Blues are taught in detail. Chet shows some of his hottest licks which will even challenge intermediate players.

    Level 1 • 96 page tab/music book with DVD

    Review: Chet Atkins has a very relaxed teaching style, and working with two students in this video, he passes on information more by playing and showing how to handle certain chords and licks rather than by a lot of verbal explanation. The trio progress from simple songs with just basic E and G chords up to ones where more complex chords and fingering can be used. Atkins' occasional tips about arranging and playing are insightful, and he's entirely believable when he says, "Practice the guitar a lot, and you'll learn to love it even more." This visual and  aural approach to learning guitar would be a valuable addition to a basic or intermediate guitarist's toolbox. There's a lot of processing on the vocals when any of the three sing, and while this is a bit disconcerting at first, it does serve to help separate the voices from the notes of the strings. Songs include "Country Roads," "Jambalaya," and "Yesterday." – Dirty Linen

    Review: Very Instructive! Bought this book for my brother to help him learn guitar. He was quickly hooked, and with the DVD, it's even easier to master the technique. He's happily working on the lessons and his playing has improved greatly! This is a great course that I would recommend to anyone. – Rachel Melton/Amazon Customer Review

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