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From the Woodshed to the Stage Volume 1

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    From the Woodshed to the Stage Volume 1

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    "Buster B. Jones is an acoustic player, a fingerpicker, a country flavored soloist - and he's one of the finest players we've heard in years... His technique is only a means to an end. His true gifts are his melodic sense, innate musicianship, unfailing human, and brilliant improvisational powers. He can drive a tune with fluid rhythmic force or stroke it with sensuous, loving touch... He's a monster player with chops galore, great ideas and an encyclopedic reservoir of guitaristic influences." - Guitar Player Magazine

    Buster B. Jones is a master of hot fingerpicking guitar solos. He has combined his love for the styles and techniques of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed and Merle Travis to create an original and exciting approach for fingerstyle guitar. In this series of lessons, Buster presents and teaches guitar solos that he plays in the woodshed as well as on stage. Each instrumental has evolved from its basic form to a complex arrangement featuring melodic variations, chromatic rolls, rhythmic licks and lyrical runs. These instrumentals will challenge the talents of any intermediate to advanced student.

    Titles include: Skippy, The Claw, Van Duser's Rag, Back Porch Boogie and The Christmas Song

    72 minutes - Level 3/4 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: I knew Buster was good, but on this disc he just kills it. He has earned his place in the Fingerpickers Pantheon. The quality of Busters instruction is top flight. Walks you through his tunes "Back Porch Boogie" with both PDF tabs, step by step on-screen demonstration and commentary. Buster's rendition of "The Claw" is breath-taking. Playing it twice as fast as Jerry Reed, he modifies the harmony in such a tasteful-knowledeable-fashion, his rendition is probably THE standard. A must-learn for me...and I already play Jerry's version of "The Claw". The DVD is mastered to a decent standard given the rather low tech video production available at the time. It is definitely worth the $30. I will be buying more of Buster. To think this guy is self-taught, defies the imagination. RIP Buster we lost you far to early. - SR Jon/Amazon Customer Review

    Reviews: The Title Says It All. Some musicians can do jaw dropping performances but can't teach. Buster can do both and quite well, thank you. This is enjoyable just to watch, you're got a "sitting on the stage" look at one of the best. If you want to learn this stuff he's a good teacher. It is not for someone who just picked up a guitar last week. The title says it all. This is gonna require work. The enclosed booklet is too small (they all are) but there is a PDF file and you can print off the TAB and make it as big as you like.

    Buster made quite a few videos and I have most of them. Not a bad one in the bunch. They're not all for the advanced player like this one. I have friends who couldn't play you a first position "G" chord who just like to watch a master at work. It's cheaper than concert tickets, the view is better, and ... Just Buy It!!! When you get this one mastered then buy volume 2!
    I just can't say enough good things about this guy, we lost a great musician and teacher when illness took him this year. He will be missed. - 

    R. T. Pirtle/Amazon Customer Review



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