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Fingerstyle Guitar From the Ground Up Volume 1

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    Fingerstyle Guitar From the Ground Up Volume 1

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    So you're interested in learning how to play fingerstyle guitar. In this lesson Buster B. Jones will take you from the very basics and start you on the road to fingerpicking. Buster's no nonsense and clear instruction will have you picking melodies in no time. You'll find phrase by phrase instruction for all the exercises and songs. Split-screen techniques are featured so that you can study and clearly see what each hand is playing.

    You'll learn:

    • How to tune your guitar 
    • Left and right hand playing positions 
    • Basic chords 
    • Chord movements 
    • Right hand patterns and techniques 
    • How to play Nine Pound Hammer, Freight Train, Camptown Races and Bury Me Beneath The Weeping Willow Tree

    77 minutes - Level 1 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Great product! This DVD does exactly as advertised and more. Buster is not only a great guitarist but also a great teacher! I highly recommend this to anyone trying to learn how to play with a thumbpick. - Roderick R. Taylor/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Buster's usual great job. Buster B. Jones was a rare bird. He was a fantastic guitar player AND, more importantly to this review, a great teacher. He puts a lie to the "those who can do, those who can't teach" wisdom. I've been setting under some form of six string for longer that I care to admit to and know whereof I speak. If you want to play guitar this DVD is an excellent place to start. When you get this down he has advanced classes on DVD. For your viewing/listening enjoyment he also cut CD's and performance DVD's and Amazon had them the last time I looked. - R.T. Pirtle/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: When I stared playing guitar you would be a lucky person to have a Beatles song book with guitar chords. There was very little learning information out there then. Today there is so much it's hard to determine where to start. When I was watching the first part of the DVD it appeared to be so basic (hears a C, F, G cord) I about turned it off. What I realized was this guy was teaching the backbone of finger picking style. This is something that is hard to find.

    In this lesson he shares that secret of how to become better than good. It can be learned from beginning to advanced players. One thing that may cloud the lesson is that he plays a nylon string guitar using all his fingers. I prefer thumb and index finger and playing the pinched melody notes as a strum or as one string. This works great if you play that way. This guy was the boss. Thanks Buster for sharing your great lessons. - Hound Dogon/ Amazon Customer Review

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