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Legends of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar

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    Legends of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar

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    featuring Merle Travis, Doc & Merle Watson, Elizabeth Cotten, Roscoe Holcomb, Josh White, Sam & Kirk McGee, Mance Lipscomb, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, and Rev. Gary Davis

    Traditional fingerstyle guitar is particular to its time and place, drawing heavily upon local cuture, but allowing for personal expression and innovation. Each of the artists presented here is a master of fingerstyle guitar, whether two- or three-finger picking. With rare exceptions, most were born around the turn of the century, or in its early years.

    Titles include: MERLE TRAVIS John Henry, Mus'rat, Lost John SAM & KIRK McGEE Railroad Blues, Wheels, Victory Rag MANCE LIPSCOMB Take Me Back, Run Sinner Run ROSCOE HOLCOMB Poor Wayfaring Stranger ELIZABETH COTTEN Goin Down the Road, Mama Your Papa Loves You, Freight Train, Vestapol DOC WATSON Deep River Blues, Traveling Man DOC & MERLE WATSON Lay My Burden Down, Sittin' On Top of the World, Got the Blues Can't Be Satisfied JOSH WHITE John Henry BROWNIE McGEE & SONNY TERRY Keys to the Highway REV. GARY DAVIS I Belong to the Band

    Running Time: 58 minutes 

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    Review: Here's something different and really worthwhile. It's a collection of filmed and videotaped musical performances by some of America's greatest fingerpicking guitarists. . . . This tape is a kinetic catalog of southern guitar picking, a musical entertainment, and a valuable learning tool for deciphering the techniques of some of the featured guitarists. - The Old Time Herald



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