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John Renbourn In Concert 1990

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    John Renbourn In Concert 1990

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    John Renbourn's unique stylistic fusion of British folk music with elements of country blues, modern jazz, ragtime, classical and pre-Renaissance music has led to his becoming one of the foremost fingerstyle guitarists performing today. John explores all the facets of his music in this 75 minute solo concert, recorded 1990 in Toronto, Canada.

    He plays a classic rock instrumental by Booker T. & The MGS and follows this with a gospel tuned learned from a recording by the great Bahamian guitarist, Joseph Spence. Traditional Irish melodies are played as easily as a jazz composition from the South African pianist, Dollar Brand. John Renbourn is a "complete guitarist" and a highly evolved musician. This video presents a rare night which combined great guitar playing, John's unique humor and a captivated full-house.

    Titles include: Sweet Potato, Medley: Abide With Me/Great Dreams From Heaven, Lord Franklin, Little Niles, Lindsay, From Sandwood Down To Kyle, Medley: The South Wind/The Blarney Pilgrim, Kokomo Blues, Medley: Lament For Owen Roe O'Neill/Mist Covered Mountains Of Home/The Orphan, Medley: Bunyan's Hymn/I Saw Three Ships/The English Dance and Cherry.

    Running Time: 75 minutes

    Review: John Renbourn is one of the finest guitarists ever to lay finger to strings. As many of us in the U.S. have never gotten to see him perform, In Concert 1990 is the next best thing... better in some respects, as the experience can be relived over and over for ages to come. I first became familiar with John's work through Stefan Grossman and Kicking Mule Records. Needless to say, I was amazed. These guitarists were doing things that sounded theoretically impossible for one (or two) individuals to do without multi tracking or the aid of a band. Not only was the music real in every respect, it held true to it's roots. John Renbourn loves the music! He is nothing short of a legend. Having the opportunity to witness the master in action is an experience that should not be missed. – W.Wilson/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: I used to live in upstate NY and have (unfortunately never seen him live) been aware of his skills for many years. I have owned 2-3 of his albums back when, and have not gotten around to replace them. This is a VERY GOOD recording of him in all aspects; Performance, Audio Quality and Video Quality. If your not familiar with his work, google him and try to imagine it being better live.
    I wish Amazon had a 3 criteria rating that would make for a quicker, more accurate and fair rating of Cd's, DVD's and Blu-ray's.
    1. Performance
    2. Quality of Audio
    3. Quality of Video (for DVD's and Blu-ray's)


    Artists that wish to have there performances recorded and recognized should be held to a standard. Poor Audio or Video, no matter how good the performance, is still a bad product. Those who would still rank that product highly just because of performance are not doing the industry or the band justice. Demand better and we will get it, settle for less and that's what you'll get. – M. Huber/Amazon Customer Review

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