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Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar - Volume One 3 CD Set taught by Ton Van Bergeyk

  • Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar - Volume One 3 CD Set taught by Ton Van Bergeyk
    Hard Copy    $24.95  Item Number:  30476

    Taught by: Ton Van Bergeyk Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    Ton Van Bergeyk makes the most finger-busting passages seem effortless, and if you doubt it, try playing the songs yourself. - David Rickert/All About Jazz

    Ton Van Bergeyk is a guitarist's guitarist. He has absorbed elements of a great many widely varied guitarists from Blind Blake to Chet Atkins and Fred Van Eps to Oscar Oleman. Ton's playing represents a pinnacle in the arranging techniques for fingerstyle guitar music. It features a superb musician at the exact moment of discovering his full powers of expression. The result is a feast for guitar music lovers whose tastes run to substantial fare. - Stefan Grossman

    Ton recorded the audio lesson series Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar to teach phrase by phrase and measure by measure some of his most requested arrangements.
    Lesson One: Jelly Roll Morton's Kansas City Stomp and King Porter Stomp, both played in the key of C and in the style of Blind Blake.
    Lesson Two: The American Songbook tunes If I Had You and Moonlight Serenade both played in Dropped G tuning (D G D G B E).
    Lesson Three: The classic Somewhere Over The Rainbow and the Beatles' Lady Madonna

    Level 3 - 20 page tab/music book with three compact discs


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