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Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar in Open Tunings - taught by John Fahey

  • Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar in Open Tunings - taught by John Fahey
    Hard Copy    $19.95  Item Number:  99801

    Taught by: John Fahey Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    John was a pioneer in composing and arranging guitar solos in open tunings. In this lesson series John teaches a wide variety of techniques, musical textures and styles. For the intermediate guitarist. 56 page tab/music book with three compact discs.

    Lesson One: Open G tuning: On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean, Spanish Two Step and It Came Upon A Midnight Clear. St.Louis Blues played in a dropped D tuning.

    Lesson Two: In this lesson John explores the possibilities of playing in an open C tuning. The Union Pacific has a distinct blues quality, Requiem For John Hurt has an "Eastern" feel. Simplicity often creates beauty and John does this with his version of Auld Lang Syne.

    Lesson Three: This lesson concentrates on John's slide guitar playing. Steamboat Gwine 'Round The Bend played in open G demonstrating many of John's unique technical ideas. The Christmas carol Silent Night is presented in the slide style. John's popular arrangement of Poor Boy A Long Way From Home played in open D tuning finishes the series.

     Level 2/3 • 56 page tab/music book with direct download link to audio files

    Review: Imagine having Fahey as your guitar teacher! How wonderful just to be able to hear John Fahey, now eleven years gone. But to finally hear his techniques explained is beyond my wildest hopes. Fahey was simply the greatest folk and blues guitarist America ever produced. He was an utter genius. And here is part of how he did it. This is not for the beginner! – Irwin A. Weisberg/Amazon Customer Review

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