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Avalon Blues- The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt Volume 2 - 3 CD Set taught by Stefan Grossman

  • Avalon Blues- The Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt Volume 2 - 3 CD Set taught by Stefan Grossman
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    Taught by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    In this second volume of Mississippi John Hurt arrangements we focus on his playing in the keys of E, A, D and Open D Tuning.

    Lesson One: Key Of E: Mississippi John's blues in E are very distinct and unusual. Avalon Blues is a showcase arrangement that illustrates many of John's musical approaches in this key. This is followed by Sliding Delta. John did not play many tunes in an open D tuning but You Don't Want Me and Payday conclude this lesson. There are both gems!

    Lesson Two: Key Of A: Blues in A were a tour de force in Mississippi John's repertoire. His Coffee Blues and Monday Morning Blues are fine examples of his blues playing in the key of A. We conclude with his Candyman.

    Lesson Three: Key Of D: Some of John's finest playing can be found in his arrangements in the key of D. These capture a country blues feel within a piano sounding style. C.C.Rider, Stagolee, Big Leg Blues and Corrina Corrina are fine examples of this.

    For the intermediate guitarist.

    Level 2/3 • 32 page tab/music book with three compact discs

    Review: I recommend this book to anyone wanting to play in the style of Mississippi John Hurt while preserving his delta blues method. Mr. Hurt is a legend and Stefan Grossman captures his essence, down to his soulful 3 finger picking style. The book contains 3 CD's that give phrase by phrase instruction. It is in note and tablature and very easy to follow along. There are no lyrics with the book, but I gave it 5 stars anyway, because I felt that it is the instructors intention to provide style instruction, and that is what you will get. If you want the music with lyrics, I would suggest that you get the book Mississippi John Hurt Early Masters of American Blues Guitar. It has vintage original artist's recordings and includes 2 CD's. I have them both, along with every song of Mississippi John Hurt's that is available to the public. I hope it doesn't make any of you Hurt fans out there cringe to say that this book is helpful in my attempt to play Mississippi John Hurt on the banjo. – J. Gibson

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