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Texas Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

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    Texas Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

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    The Blues have been a major focus of music in Texas, from the earliest days of commercial recordings right up to the present. And there has been an impressive lineage of great Texas fingerstyle blues guitarists, from Blind Lemon Jefferson, the first Country Blues recording star, to the impassioned singing and unearthly slide guitar of Blind Willie Johnson, on up to the genre-defining sound of Lightnin’ Hopkins and the late-in-life instrumental mastery of Mance Lipscomb. With such a dazzling array of Texas Blues players to choose from, a book devoted to Texas fingerstyle blues guitarists was a natural project to undertake.

    Tunes and Artists include: BLIND LEMON JEFFERSON Stocking Feet Blues , Bad Luck Blues, Easy Rider Blues, Right of Way Blues WILLIE REED Texas Blues BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON Let Your Light Shine On Me, Trouble Will Soon Be Over, Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning LITTLE HAT JONES Bye Bye Baby Blues, Kentucky Blues, Rolled From Side to Side Blues FUNNY PAPA SMITH Seven Sisters Blues Part 2, Whiskeyhead Blues SMITH CASEY Shorty George, Santa Fe Blues WALLACE CHAINS My Poor Mother Keeps On, Praying For Me WILLIE LANE Too Many Women Blues LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS Thunder and Lightning Blues, Death Bells, Crawlin’ Black Snake LIL’ SON JACKSON No Money, No Love, Gambler Blues FRANKIE LEE SIMS Lucy Mae Blues MANCE LIPSCOMB ’Bout A Spoonful, Charlie James, Shorty George, Ain’t You Sorry

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