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Martin Simpson In Concert at the Freight and Salvage

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    Martin Simpson In Concert at the Freight and Salvage

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    "Martin Simpson is a stunningly accomplished guitarist, but he's more than that: he's a musician with the power to make you forget you're listening to a guitar at all . . . the show he produces must rate among the best man-and-guitar performances I've heard." - Guitarist

    English acoustic guitar virtuoso Martin Simpson has come a long way from his roots in Lincolnshire, Northern England. He played his first paid gig at fourteen, became a professional at seventeen, and shortly after, found himself in the vanguard of the British folk-rock movement. Martin's dynamic solo guitar performances are legendary, showcasing his mastery of the acoustic guitar as well as his far-ranging repertoire. He possisses a seemingly effortless command of multiple complex styles, including powerful percussive techniques, unique frailing and fingerstyles, and a ground breaking use of open tunings.

    This DVD presents a solo concert recorded at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley California.

    Titles include: Medley of Airs: Long Steel Rail/Donal Og/My Generous Lover, Betsy the Serving Maid, Lord Gregory, Roadkill, Medley: Poormouth/Broke Down Engine, Gospel Medley: Wayfaring Stranger/Go Down Moses/The Turtle and the Asp, Dreamtime, The Company You Keep, Icarus

    Running time: 70 minutes

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