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Legends of the Delta Blues

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    Legends of the Delta Blues

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    featuring Son House, Johnny Shines, John Lee Hooker & Bukka White

    The Mississippi Delta is the source of America's deep and pervasive blues tradition. At a time when that tradition appeared in danger of disappearing, many of its most elemental practitioners reappeared to remind us of the bruising force of this music's headwaters. They were living legends who demonstrated strong bonds with legends passed.

    This DVD presents the unalloyed power of these Delta legends as they performed in the 1960s and 1970s. Son House is both philosopher and a man possessed; Johnny Shines, by turns subtle and intense, brings as much to Robert Johnson's example as he takes from it; Bukka White extols women and rambling freights in his stream-of-consciousness growl; a meditative John Lee Hooker reflects, I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive. This is music which has mesmerized everyone from a young Muddy Waters to today's blues-based rockers. Its earthy vitality remains fresh in rare performances rife with slide guitars, driving rhythms and songs as searing as a hellhound's bay across the Delta darkness.

    Titles include: SON HOUSE Talk About The Blues, I Had The Blues This Morning, Empire State Express, Levee Camp Moan, Don't Mind People Grinning In Your Face JOHNNY SHINES Sweet Home Chicago, Kindhearted Woman, Going To Algiers, Tell Me How You Want Your Rolling Done, I Don't Know, Ramblin' BUKKA WHITE I'm Going Settle Down, Old Lady, Freight Train Blues JOHN LEE HOOKER I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive, It Serves Me Right To Suffer JOHNNY SHINES, HONEYBOY EDWARDS & WALTER HORTON Love Of Mine

    Running Time: 62 minutes

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