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Guitar Artistry of Rory Block

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    Guitar Artistry of Rory Block

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    “... Rory Block is currently stretching the limits... hugely talented... She is one of our national treasures.” – New York Blues & Jazz Society

    “Her playing is perfect, her singing otherworldly as she wrestles with ghosts, shadows and legends.” – The New York Times

    “Some of the most singular and affecting Country Blues anyone, man or woman, black or white, old or young, has cut in recent years.’ – Rolling Stone

    “...Rory Block is one of the greatest living acoustic blues artists... she can hold her own with the legends who inspired her.”– Blues Revue

    In this intimate portrait, Rory Block talks about her life and music. She reminiscences about the legendary bluesmen she met and learned from as well as how her own music developed. She performs a wide variety of songs from her repertoire that show the power and elegance of her playing and singing.

    Titles include: Crossroad Blues, Titanic, Stones In My Pathway, Moon’s Goin’ Down, Preachin’ Blues, Canned Heat, Mississippi Blues, Frankie, Future Blues, County Farm Blues, If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day, Me And the Devil, From The Dust, Love & Whiskey, Spider Boy, Like A Shotgun, Silver Wings and Crossroad Blues (Take 2)

    Running time: 100 Minutes

    Review: Block tells how as a young teenager she would often visit Washington Square Garden in New York City to watch such gifted guitarists as Stefan Grossman. She travelled for a while with Grossman, meeting such legendary figures as Skip James and Son House. She recalls with gratitude many of her mentors—House, in particular, who instilled in her a long and lasting love of Robert Johnson’s music.

    Block talks affectionately of how she has recently befriended Stephen Johnson, Robert Johnson’s grandson, and adds that she is really trying to play Johnson’s music note for note—to capture the honesty, and intensity of the music. Apart from a number of Johnson titles Block performs a stunning version of Tommy Johnson’s Canned Heat, which has a haunting guitar groove, and her interpretation of Willie Brown’s Mississippi Blues, is as infectious as ever.

    A poetic and personal songwriter, Block explains that some of her ideas come from her dreams. One of her most touching and highly charged songs, Spider Boy, tells of the tragic death of her son in 1986.

    Block’s guitar playing is impressive, particularly her complex right hand work and her powerful slide, and she complements her playing with fine vocals. – Living Blues/Bob Tilling

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