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Freddie King- Live at the Sugarbowl Sept 22nd, 1972

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    Freddie King- Live at the Sugarbowl Sept 22nd, 1972

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    "Of all the people I've played with, the most stimulating in an onstage situation was Freddie King. He could be pretty mean but subtle with it. He'd make you feel at home and then tear you to pieces... He taught me just about everything I needed to know... when and when not to make a stand... when and when not to show your hand. . . and most important of all... how to make love to a guitar." – Eric Clapton

    Freddie King in concert was an event to behold. His performances were powerful and filled with emotional singing coupled with burning soulful licks played on his Gibson 355. The rare footage presented on this video features a complete set by Freddie and his band recorded at the Sugarbowl in South Carolina on September 22nd, 1972. All the sheer power and joy of Freddie King is presented in this DVD.

    Titles include: Big Legged Woman, Ain't Nobody's Business, I'm In Trouble, Key To The Highway, Blues Band Shuffle, Have You Ever Loved A Woman and Goin' Down. BONUS TRACKS: Los Angeles, 1970 Have You Ever Loved A Woman, Look Over Yonder Wall, Ain't Nobody's Business & Whole Lotta Lovin'

    Running Time: 62 minutes

    Review: This 46-minute video features blues legend Freddie King and his band performing six songs and an instrumental called "Blues Band Shuffle" in an outdoor setting in front of a huge, mostly young, enthralled audience. King sings a few of the more well-known songs from his repertoire, including "Big Legged Woman," "Ain't Nobody's Business," "Key to the Highway," "Have You Ever Loved a Woman," and "Goin' Down," the closing number. King is an imposing figure on a stage, and his guitar work is often stinging. The camera work doesn't always meet the highest professional standards, but this would still be a worthy addition to any blues video collection. – Dirty Linen

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