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Complete Country Blues Guitar Book

  • Complete Country Blues Guitar Book
    Hard Copy    $34.95  Item Number:  5007

    Taught by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Mel Bay Publishing

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    A mammoth collection presenting a broad panorama of country blues guitar. 52 arrangements are presented in this book covering the styles and techniques of legendary bluesmen, i.e. Miss. John Hurt, Charlie Patton, Skip James, Son House, Rev. Gary Davis and others. 

    Country Blues Guitar, The Alternating Bass: Shake That Thing, Nobody's Dirty Business, It Won't Be Long, Fare Thee Well Titanic, You Got The Pocket Book I Got The Key, Ragtime Mama Blues, Salty Dog, Blues Ain't Dry, Old Country Rock, Take a Whiff On Me, A Tribute To Lonnle Johnson, Crow Jane, One Kind Favor, Easy Rider Blues, Ragged And Dirty, Return To Little Rock, Monday Morning Blues, Spoonful, Weeping Willow, Mississippi Blues. 

    Country Blues Guitar, The Alternating Bass In Open Tunings: Open G Tuning: Just A Closer Walk With Thee, Working On The New Railroad, Juicy Lucy, Easy Street. Open D Tuning: Vestapol, Kassie Jones, John Henry, Sitting On Top Of The World, Police Dog Blues. 

    Delta Blues Guitar: New Pony Blues, If You Haven't Any Hay, Get On Down The Road, Yonder Comes The Blues, Hard Time Killin' Floor, Moon Goin' Down, Belzona Blues, Special Rider. 

    Ragtime Blues Guitar: Buck Dancer's Choice, Bill Bailey, Ton Of Blues, Blake's Breakdown, Franklin Blues, Sister Kate, Struttin' Rag, Twelve Sticks. 

    Texas Blues Guitar & The Monotonic Bass: Man Of My Own, Strange City Streets, Come Back Baby, Mourning Blue, Charley James, County Line, Tickle Dew. 

    Bottleneck Guitar: One Kind Favor, Someday Baby, Wake Up Mama, God Moves On The Water. 

    Level 2/3 - 260 pages - Online Audio Links

    Review: A Treasury of Country Blues Guitar Styles. Stefan Grossman has been the world authority on fingerstyle blues guitar for decades now, and this book is the biggest compendium of his work as an educator. He tabs out fifty-seven (fifty-seven!) songs in a variety of styles and tunings, enough to keep any student busy for a year or more. This isn't so much a method book - though I taught myself to play country blues from it - as a large tab compendium with helpful tips about each song. Each song has at least one fully transcribed verse. Many have intros and outros, and some are complete arrangements. Most of the book covers the alternating bass and ragtime traditions of the Memphis and Piedmont blues, but there are seven Delta tunes, and excellent seven-song chapter on Texas blues, and even a good number of bottleneck tunes. Most of the songs are old standards (Crow Jane, Vestapol, Hard Time Killin' Floor) taken from the original recordings by artists like Reverend Gary Davis, Mance Lipscomb, and Blind Blake.

    The "handwritten" tab is large and easy to read - you'll never be able to go back to that tiny Hal Leonard/Guitar Player tab after this. There are lots of photos of old bluesmen as well as atmospheric old-South pictures from the Library of Congress collection. It's so attractive I keep it on my coffee table. The CDs feature Grossman playing the tabbed arrangements (and then some) as well as original Blind Lemon Jefferson tracks. They're listenable in their own right, even if you aren't learning the guitar!

    If you're interested in prewar blues guitar, and you already known how to play five or six chords (remember, this book teaches country blues, not guitar), this is easily the best bang for your music buying buck. - Benjamin Florin/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Best Book on the Topic Yet. At first I did not like this book. The tab is a bit different and takes some time to get used to and the tracks are often capoed (sometimes the book tells you this and sometimes not). However, after having this book for around a year and enjoying it as thoroughly as I have, my mind has changed. One gets used to the tab and having to figure out where the capo goes is not bad for one's ear at all. I have not encountered another book with as nice a variety of country blues songs. Grossman includes country blues styles from various regions and does a great job explaining the differences in techniques. He tells one everything he or she needs to know in order to be able to, not only play the notes on the page, but to get the proper sound. He also includes some of his own compositions. Normally, I do not like when an instructor does this, but his pieces are very cool! All of the arrangements included are good ones and, as stated before, the book doesn't just teach songs, but how to play country blues! The tracks included on the CDs are excellent, if not always note for note versions of the tab; I believe this has been done intentionally so that students will try to figure out solos and create their own. As a hardcore blues fan, and competent electric blues guitarist, I always tried to play country blues songs before. The problem was that, though I hit the right notes etc, I was approaching the right hand like a classical player. Grossman really teaches the best way to play country blues. I cannot recommend this wonderful book highly enough. It will give the country blues lover months and months--perhaps longer--of material to study and enjoy. - Paul W. Burgess II/Amazon Customer Review




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