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Blind Blake

  • Blind Blake
    Hard Copy    $22.99  Item Number:  3432

    Transcribed by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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    Edited and Transcribed by Stefan Grossman

    Blind Blake was the greatest ragtime blues guitarist to record during the 1920s. His guitar styles and techniques were unique as well as dazzling. Rev. Gary Davis used to say Blake had “a sportin’ right hand.” A CD of Blind Blake playing all the tunes is included. 

    Titles include: Georgia Bound, Hey Hey Daddy Blues, West Coast Blues, Diddie Wa Diddie, Chump Man Blues, Early Morning Blues, Come On Boys Let’s Do That Messin’ Around, That Will Never Happen No More, Policy Blues, He’s In The Jailhouse Now, Wabash Rag, Guitar Chimes, Blind Arthur’s Breakdown, Sweet Jivin’ Mama, Down In The Country, Police Dog Blues

    Level 3/4 • 96 pages • 1 CD

    Review: Stefan Grossman delivers. I've been learning from Stefan Grossman's publications and recordings for more years than I can remember. In this publication, you get background on Blind Blake's music and life as well as many enjoyable tunes to play. What's better? Getting a CD of original recordings! Hours of enjoyment listening, learning and playing. – Z On/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Blind Blake plays a fast and melodic style of rag type blues. Blake's finger picking method is unique and a challenge to master. This book and the CD gives an overview of songs in various Blake styles to give a broad understanding of the methods used over his recording career. Highly recommendable to those wishing to begin learning Blake's music. – D. Smith/Amazon Customer Review

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