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Tony Rice- The Video Collection

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    Tony Rice- The Video Collection

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    Featuring: Ricky Skaggs, Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Jerry Douglas, Bela Fleck, Wyatt Rice, Jimmy Gaudreau, Rickie & Ronnie Simpkins

    "In bluegrass, one of those innovators who has constantly redefined the music is Tony Rice. His singing and inimitable guitar technique has changed the way people think about and play bluegrass." - Dirty Linen

    "Tony Rice's voice sounds terrific, either alone or when in harmony... His guitar playing is relaxed yet invigorating in its rhythmic ingenuity and mixture of dazzling runs and rich melodicism." - Bluegrass Unlimited

    Tony Rice has practiced his flatpicking art to great acclaim in both traditional bluegrass and innovative acoustic circles. He is perhaps the greatest innovator of acoustic flatpicked guitar since Clarence White. The bluegrass sound is practically mother's milk to Tony. His father was a "serious amateur on mandolin and guitar" and Tony cannot even recall a time when he didn't know how to play. The first records he remembers hearing were by Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and the Louvin Brothers. More influential however, were his contacts with two players he calls his "musical mentors" -- Doc Watson and the late Clarence White.

    This DVD presents Tony in three different settings recorded at the 1992 Merle Watson Festival playing a wide variety of music all stamped with his personal approach and sound. Tony recently remarked in a Country Guitar interview, "Others have said about me from time to time that I have a unique tone and balance on the instrument. I just kind of play it the way I hear it." And play it he does on this exciting one hour DVD collection.

    Titles include: TONY RICE ALL STAR JAM Red Haired Boy, Blue Railroad Train, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, White House Blues TONY RICE & FRIENDS The Old Home Place, Bluegrass Breakdown TONY RICE UNIT Dusty Miller, He Rode All The Way To Texas, Salt Creek, Another Lonesome Day, Nine Pound Hammer, Darcy Farrow, Crazy Creek, Little Sadie and Shadows

    Running time: 62 minutes

    Review: My husband and I are huge Tony Rice fans. We completely wore out the VHS tape so we upgraded to a DVD. This is an awesome ensemble of all time great bluegrass musicians playing/singing great classics. We love it and are pleased to have a fresh DVD. – TeresaO/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Tony Rice and the boys have once again shown that they can pick better than anyone alive. Tony's guitar playing is flawless as is his improvising. If you are not a fan yet, you will be...Guaranteed! – Amazon Customer Review

    Review: For that small niche of people that appreciate the highly under-rated guitar picking of Tony Rice, this DVD is a must own. Picture this, Tony Rice, Sam Bush, Mark O'Connor, Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas all jamming on one stage....Wow! The leads are all quick and complicated, taking bluegrass to new heights. I was pleased to find out this footage was recorded in 1992, before Tony lost his voice. Tony's voice sounds great on classics such as "Blue Railroad Train" and "Nine Pound Hammer." 

    A few small matters: Don't let the title of this DVD fool you, Tony has never made a "video." Each piece of footage is from a 1992 bluegrass festival filmed by the local PBS outfit. The result is seeing Tony in his prime and where he is at his best.. a live performance.

    The sound quality seems like it was a live mix, meaning there are times when the guitar could go up, the bass could go down, etc.(Even a few instances of feedback) Just remember, It's live!! This DVD is extremely enjoyable, especially for those guitar players out there who have always wanted close ups of what Tony is doing. Yes, you may come out of this DVD with a few riffs, I did. Tony's #1 fan. – David/Amazon Customer Review

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