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The Genius of Joe Pass

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    The Genius of Joe Pass

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    Few guitarists in the jazz idiom have reached the level of virtuosity that Joe Pass established and refined throughout his career. His playing in group settings was flawless, but he revealed his true genius as a solo guitarist who could simultaneously play all aspects of a jazz composition or a blues tune  melody, rhythm, chordal harmonies, bass lines and rapid-fire improvisations  with an impeccable sense of taste and style that wowed critics and listeners around the world.

    Compiled in this DVD are a series of performances from 1962 to 1982 that capture the essence, brilliant technique and enormous talent of Joe Pass. Also featured are brief interviews were Joe discusses his origins as a guitarist and his thoughts on his music. Joe Pass has inspired legions of players, yet he remains unsurpassed as the most genial jazz guitarist of our time.

    Titles include: Prelude To A Kiss, The Song Is You, Blues In G, Tricotism, Satin Doll, Soft Winds. Original Blues In G. Sonnymoon For Two, Move. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life, Misty Bonus tracks: Joe Pass in Concert 1991

    Running time: 115 minutes

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    Review: Joe at his best!! This DVD showcases Joe Pass at his finest. Starting with his Synanon quartet we see the beginings of Joe's career and the emergence of his solo works. Winding down with a few duets with NHOP we get a rare treat seeing a full performance in the months before his passing. In amoungst his performances are snipettes of interviews over the years that give a great insight into his progression as a musician. The quality varies from song to song but one can forgive this as some footage is quite dated. Beautiful songs, beautiful performances. - Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Must have for Joe Pass fans. Joe Pass was one of the finest guitarsts to ever live. I got to see him perform once in a very small club shortly before he passed. There were only about 15 people in attendance. It was clear that he was not pleased with the turn out, but still put on an amazing show.

    This video gives us a chance to see him perform in various settings (solo, and with a band). It spans most of his career. There is even a segment where he is playing a Fender Jaguar guitar - something I had never seen him do. The recording quality is not always good, but thats understandable considering the age of the recordings.<BR>
    If you are a fan of Joe Pass, or just a fan of amazing jazz guitar playing, this is a must-have video.<BR>
    Enjoy! - MikeG556/Amazon Customer Review



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