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Pat Donohue Special Combo

  • Pat Donohue Special Combo
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    2 Great New Titles in one Specially Priced Bundle!  You get BOTH of the products listed below.

    In this unique lesson, Pat Donohue takes a simple 12 bar blues in the key of G and shows how you can add various elements to create a distinct arrangement. Pat discusses:
    * Basic Three Chord Blues in Key of G
    * Lenny Breau's Two Note Chords
    * Walking Bass Lines & Chords
    * Chuck Berry Licks
    * Diminished Chord Licks
    * Mountain Blues Licks
    * Ending Licks
    * Putting the Pieces All Together
    There are lots of ideas and techniques in this lesson. Pat slowly and carefully teaches these concepts with the help of a split screen. This allow the student to study in detail what the left and right hands are doing.
    GW1054 - 59 minutes - Level 2/3
    Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD - $29.95 if bought separately


    Stealin' From Chet - The Songs of Pat Donohue
    In this lesson Pat teaches five of his original tunes. Besides being great songs the arrange-ments offer the guitarist a panorama of techniques and styles. From the syncopated stumbling bass of Blind Blake to the sophisti-cated country alternating bass of Chet Atkins. From a swing jazz accompaniment to a blues with echoes of the Irish Washerwoman!
    There's lots of enjoyable and challenging guitar ideas that Pat explains and teaches phrase by phrase, followed by the arrangement played slowly on a split screen so that you can carefully study both his left and right hands.
    Titles include: The Road To Kingdom Come, Stealin' From Chet, Jazz Names, Buddy The Blues and The Irish Blues
    GW1055 - 77 minutes - Level 2/3
    Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD - $29.95 if bought separately

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