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Music of Johnny Cash for Fingerpicking Guitar

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    Music of Johnny Cash for Fingerpicking Guitar

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    Johnny Cash left us a wonderful country songbook, and in this one-hour and twenty minute lesson Fred shows you how to play and sing eight of Cash's most popular gems:

    • I Guess Things Happen That Way  
    • I Still Miss Someone
    • I Walk The Line
    • Ways of a Woman In Love 
    • Folsom Prison Blues
    • Big River 
    • Ring of Fire 
    • Give My Love To Rose

    You'll learn to back yourself up singing, using basic fingerpicking patterns and first position chords, with lots of bass runs thrown in.You'll also learn to fingerpick a solo for each tune. Fred grew up with Johnny Cash's music, and his natural, easy arrangements suit the material and are easy to learn.After playing and singing each song, Fred goes over any tricky techniques or runs, then he plays the tune on a split screen so you can watch what each hand is doing.

    A booklet that accompanies this DVD has all the split-screen versions written out in tablature and standard music notation (with lyrics, too), so you can read the exact same arrangements Fred plays. If you put the DVD in your computer, you can access a PDF file and print it all out in a larger size.

    Whether you're a beginner or intermediate player, this DVD lesson is a great way to get into Johnny Cash's songs...and carry on his legacy!

    80 minutes - Level 2 - Detailed tab/music/lyrics PDF file on the DVD

    Review: This DVD is an instructional DVD in finger picking guitar. Fred Sokolow's teaching assumes you know most of the the basic first position chords. This was my introduction to finger picking and I was hooked ever since and have ordered many of Fred's DVDs since then. If you know basic guitar chords, I strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn finger picking. He has another DVD on beginning finger picking which I also strongly recommend. His teaching style is far better than any other I have tried. - J. Hollingsworth/Amazon Customer Review



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