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Guitar of John Fahey Volume 2

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    Guitar of John Fahey Volume 2

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    "John Fahey is an enigma. His influences are so varied that his music is difficult to categorize. He seems unencumbered by technical considerations guitarists often give their music. The only boundaries John puts on his renderings are the boundaries of his imagination. His style is impressionistic and therefore not always of an immediate nature. His thematic explorations can be uncommonly structured, dissonant, and wildly rhythmic. Or they may be crisp, tightly structured, and very melodic... He is the modern day patriarch of fingerstyle guitar. He was one of the first musicians to realize that the style had a past and a future on the concert stage. For nearly a quarter of a century, John's music has been folded, compressed, and thrown against the wall to see if it would stick. It's still there and the effect has been monumental."– 20th Century Masters Of Fingerstyle Guitar

    John Fahey has created a unique body of guitar compositions and arrangements as well as a distinct approach to fingerstyle guitar. He broke fresh ground in recording guitar music that drew from such diverse sources as Country blues, Old-Time music, Indian ragas, European classical music and Gregorian chants. He founded a loosely defined "school" of "American Primitive guitarists" that included Leo Kottke, Robbie Basho, and numerous others. Many fledgling guitarists have been inspired to try their hands at fingerpicking by the dozen or more Fahey albums.

    In these DVD lessons, John explains and teaches fifteen of his best known instrumentals. Regular, Open G (D G D G B D) and Open D (D A D F# A D) tunings are featured.

    Titles include: Poor Boy Long Ways From Home, My Prayer, Marilyn, The Red Pony, Sunflower River Blues, Joy To The World, Steamboat Gwine Round De Bend and Steel Guitar Rag.

    64 minutes • Level 2/3 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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