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Guitar of Blind Boy Fuller

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    Guitar of Blind Boy Fuller

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    "Contrary to the rumors, blues and ragtime guitarist Ari Eisinger has only 10 fingers. It just sounds as if he has more. His mission is to preserve the classic blues and ragtime tunes from the 1920s and 1930s." – The Plain Dealer

    "He’s a fingerpicking guitar player par excellence who specializes in country blues and ragtime from the 1920s and 1930s... His playing is astoundingly complex and precise, obviously reverential yet filled with personal touches... A brilliant musician... he sounds like four people playing at once." – The Philadelphia Inquirer

    Blind Boy Fuller recorded his unique brand of country blues from 1935 through 1940. His playing is chock-full of both wit and soulfulness. His guitar arrangements are strikingly original and make perfect use of the unique sound of the National steel guitar which he used on most of his recordings. He is best known for his classic Truckin’ My Blues Away which has been performed and recorded by generations of blues and rock guitarists.

    This DVD gives a fully-detailed presentation of Blind Boy Fuller’s intricate guitar work on six of his best recordings.

    Titles include: Untrue Blues, Jivin’ Woman Blues, Pistol Slapper Blues, Funny Feeling Blues, Meat Shakin’ Woman and Truckin’ My Blues Away

    88 minutes • Level 2/3 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Ari Eisinger is a great picker and singer and his Fuller tunes are great examples of Fuller's repertoire. Eisinger's instruction is pretty sparse compared to say much of Stefan Grossman's and one really has to figure technique stuff out by viewing and viewing again his split screen takes. Tabs of music would be a little more helpful if single string runs indicate up and down strokes he uses. Still, one can learn a lot from this DVD and much can be adopted to other songs by Fuller and others and vice versa. that is, other tunes by other artists can be supplemented by Fuller ideas. – Ken/Amazon Customer Review

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