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New Orleans Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

  • Taught by: Cory Seznec
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    New Orleans Fingerstyle Blues Guitar

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    New Orleans Fingerstyle Blues Guitar features a mix of New Orleans-flavored fingerstyle guitar tunes. Cory Seznec takes you through songs such as Lookin' For A Woman and High Society inspired by the virtuosic playing of Snooks Eaglin, a laid back Latin rumba style version of Corrina, Corrina, a punchy brass band tinged, harmonically interesting rendition of the gospel tune Give Me Dat Ol' Time Religion, and an arrangement of the piano prodigy James Booker's scorching tune Classified.

    The goal of the lesson is to help develop different right hand rhythmic techniques - rumba style, thumb dragging, bass movement, flamenco-esque strumming; and help the player develop passing chords and inversions, incorporate classic bluesy, New Orleanian ornamentation, and generally spice up left hand techniques. Within each song Cory breaks everything down and slowly walks the player through the arrangement. For any guitarist looking to branch out and try a new "feel"!

    A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. Each tune is taught phrase by phrase and played slowly on a split-screen.

    Titles include: Lookin' For A Woman, High Society, Corrina, Corrina, Give Me Dat Ol' Time Religion and Classified

    113 minutes - Level 3 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Franco-American musician Cory Seznec plays blues, early jazz, gospel and African music. Seznec's focus on complex rhythms and jazz chording should greatly interest intermediate and advanced fingerstyle guitarists. He presents the first tune, "Corrina, Corrina", as a rumba, which will challenge guitarists who favor solid 4/4 time. Learning to sing over his bass line will give the student a foundation in playing polyrhythmically - likewise the treble lines in the guitar breaks. Snooks Eaglin's "Lookin' For A Woman" delves further into rumba, including a triplet accent borrowed from New Orleans snare drum technique - think of Albert King's version of "Crosscut Saw", played solo. He uses a rubato approach for "Give Me Dat Ol' Time Religion", based on a published piano arrangement by J. Rosamond Johnson. Seznec's accompaniment to the vocal resembles a Gary Davis gospel arrangement, with melody played in unison with the voice, but the guitar breaks are much jazzier. Guitarists who absorb the ideas introduced here will have a good basis for creating their own bluesy, reflective arrangements. "Classified", inspired by the playing of pianist James Booker, has a light-hearted, danceable feel. The final tune, "High Society", comes from a 1961 recording by Snooks Eaglin, with Seznec adding some riffs from Blind Blake's "Blake's Breakdown" for good measure. This lesson follows Stefan Grossman's established format: full performance of a tune, discussion and demonstration of distinct sections, then a split screen run-through of the segment at a slow tempo. The download and dvd comes with a 31-page booklet of transcriptions in standard notation and tablature. Seznec progresses logically from simple to more complex rhythmic concepts throughout the lesson, so I recommend following the segments sequentially. It will take guitarists some time to master the techniques shown here, but the payoffs are greater rhythmic and harmonic facility that's applicable in many settings. - Patrick Ragains/Minor 7th 



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