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Medieval and Renaissance Music

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    Medieval and Renaissance Music

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    "For some time now, I have periodically made transcriptions of early pieces mainly for my own enjoyment. My interest in early music runs parallel to my interest in Western folk music. It was, and still is, intriguing to consider the characteristics that are common to both. I discovered that even whole pieces, thought to exist in manuscript only, occasionally cropped up remarkably intact in current folk playing, and instruments long assumed silent were found to be still sounding in remote areas of Europe. I began by taking a medieval dance tune and treating it as I would a jig or reel, or drawing on contrapuntal practice in making arrangements of folk songs. After a while I found myself with arrangements of a variety of pieces from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In this DVD lesson, I present five of these arrangements that I hope you will enjoy." – John Renbourn

    Titles include: The Earle of Salisbury (standard tuning), Saltarello (DGDGCD tuning), Saltarello II (EAEF#AD tuning), Trotto (DGDGCD tuning), Robin Is To The Greenwood Gone (standard tuning).

    93 minutes • Level 2/3 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

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