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A Nuts & Bolts Approach to FINGERPICKING GUITAR (2 DVD set)

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    A Nuts & Bolts Approach to FINGERPICKING GUITAR (2 DVD set)

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    In this double DVD, Rolly Brown teaches you how to fingerpick the guitar from the ground up, starting with the most basic components and, in a step-by-step method, marking the path from rank beginner to competent intermediate/advanced player. If you know a few basic chords on the guitar, then you're
    ready to start working with these DVDs.

    Also, if you've played fingerstyle guitar for 20 years, but never quite gotten beyond playing specific arrangements of tunes, or if you feel that there's still something missing in your playing, then you are also ready for these DVDs!

    Included are:
    • The 4 Basic Building Blocks of Fingerpicking
    • Combining the building blocks
    • Pattern picking; a means, not an end
    • Improvising melody while keeping the bass going
    • Exploring the details of syncopation
    • Detailed instruction and transcriptions for eleven note-for-note arrangements of folk and blues tunes. 

    Titles include: Old Kentucky Home, Careless Love, Poor Wayfaring Stranger, Crow Jane, Gambler's Blues, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out, Make Me A Pallet, Angeline The Baker, Redwing, Shine On Harvest Moon and Rolly's Rag

    231 minutes • Level 1/2 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: I have several of Rolly Brown's DVDs. I like them a lot. He has a pleasant style of explaining and demonstrating. He is systematic in his approach, giving the basic moves first then developing them further through actual pieces. In this fingerpicking DVD, he gives the basic patterns of finger sequences. Then these are used in several traditional tunes, from the American folk repertoire. As with his other DVDs, there is a fair amount of material here, enough to require revisiting the video several times. As noted, his pleasant demeanour makes reviewing easy. - Cambridge Don/Amazon Customer Review

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