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Guitar Artistry of Tony Keck- Touch Technique

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    Guitar Artistry of Tony Keck- Touch Technique

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    National award-winning guitarist, Tony Keck, performs a unique style developed through years of studying various forms of music. Using his blues based tapping technique, he creates a soulful, rhythmic, yet meditative sound. His instrumental influence has created a combination of intermixing classical tinge, blues, pop and jazz. His wide variety of musical experiences has made him recognized for his distinctive compositions of sound. There is only one way to describe the harmonious music Tony creates . . . . captivating.

    Titles include: Urban Stroll, Harlem Nocturne, Walk Don't Run, Cyberspace Boogie, Sleepwalk, Eleanor Rigby, Gratitude, John Henry, Sitting On Top Of The World, Glory of Love, Tapper's Blues, Just My Imagination

    Running time: 64 Minutes

    Review: This guy has some cool tapping ideas, which if you take his ideas and branch off with some of your own ideas you can be create!!!!! - Mark D. Davis/Amazon Customer Review


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