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Guitar Artistry of El McMeen

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    Guitar Artistry of El McMeen

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    In this DVD, El shares his insights on music and guitar playing, along with his evocative and distinctive guitar style. His music ranges from Celtic songs and dance tunes, through alternating-bass Americana, sacred music, pop tunes and his original compositions.

    Titles: Medley: The Fair Flower of Northumberland*/Casadh*, Medley: Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms*/ Ned of the Hill*, Medley: Morgan Magan*/Carolan's Receipt*, Medley: October Winds*/My Mary of the Curling Hair*, Medley: Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill*/The Rights of Man*/The Kid on the Mountain*, Jock O'Hazeldean*, Hector the Hero*, Medley: Will the Circle Be Unbroken*/Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho*, Holy Manna*, Medley: Fairest Lord Jesus*/Give Me Jesus*, Just As I Am*, Medley: Be Thou My Vision*/Amazing Grace*, Hyfrydol*, Le Mans*, Song for Sheila*, Perfidia, My Girl, Still the One, Medley: Working My Way Back to You/There Is a Rose in Spanish Harlem, Drifting Too Far from the Shore

    PDF files of the tab/music of those tunes marked with a star (*) are included on the DVD.

    Running Time: 90 minutes

    Review: Wonderful! A beautiful and warm performance by a most talented performer! El McMeen, though not the most outgoing of performers, still is able to give an intimate, warm, and terrific performance of Celtic, Sacred and Pop Fingerstyle Guitar. Obviously guitarists will love this DVD, but it is really much more than for just those who play.

    My wife and I sat down to a "treat night" of wine and cheese and some wonderful snacks and made a "date" with this DVD. It is not an instructional DVD, but a performance and it is like going to a small venue concert, as the camera brings us up close and personal. This DVD is really a treat for music lovers whether or not you have heard of El McMeen. - Peter Hyatt/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Includes an extensive set of PDF transcriptions on the disc. This DVD is great and a refreshing change from many 'instructional videos' out there. Extremely well shot and great audio, as noted this is a bit like a 'concert' with a few short interviews between...however, as apparently missed, the DVD contains a large number of PDFs of the tunes that can be printed out for full TAB and music notation. These tunes are not that complex and you can adequately follow what is going on from the combination of the two. In my opinion, far better than a 'stop start' bar by bar breakdown of things.

    I've been taken by the possibilities of the CGDGAD tuning that is used for most of this with it's deep sonority and this is a great way to get a handle on this which El McMeen uses extensively. I live in australia and has no region restrictions...highly recomend this if you like this kind of music and play! - Peter Warmington/Amazon Customer Review





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