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Classic Ragtime Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar Volume 1 - 3 CD Set taught by David Laibman

  • Classic Ragtime Arranged for Fingerstyle Guitar Volume 1 - 3 CD Set taught by David Laibman
    Hard Copy    $24.95  Item Number:  22189

    Taught by: David Laibman Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    David Laibman is a master of fingerstyle picking and an entertaining purveyor of ragtime guitar music. He began playing the guitar in the early 1960s and is considered to be one of the founders of modern fingerstyle classic ragtime guitar.

    In this first volume, David teaches six well known classic rags. Each CD lesson is approxiametely 60 minutes and David teaches the arrangements phrase by phrase. For the intermediate to advanced student.

    Lesson One: Contentment Rag & Graceful Ghost
    Lesson Two: Ragtime Nightingale & Silver Swan Rag
    Lesson Three: Solace & Cottontail Rag

    Level 3/4 - 48 page tab/music book with three compact discs

    Review:  A Wonderful Book of Ragtime Music for the Advanced Guitarist. This is an excellent book containing arrangements of ragtime music for guitar from the period of 1915-1930's. I will try to objective in my appraisal of the book.

    Pros: 1) The book has arrangements you probably won't find anywhere else. Obscure songs by Scott Joplin and others are covered. 2) The author breaks down the songs in segments on the cd so that you can practice each section until you master it.

    Cons: 1) The songs are for advanced guitarists. The arrangements are very difficult and will definitely be challenging. 2). The arrangements require the guitarist to utilize the entire neck of the guitar. 3) The movement of positions is rapid. You don't stay in one position for more than 3-4 measures - Big D/Amazon Customer Review





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