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Guitar of Big Bill Broonzy

Widely considered as one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world, masterful Woody Mann is a New York based musician and renowned teacher with deep roots in the blues. He has excellent credentials and has learned directly from the Rev. Gary Davis, played with Son House, Bukka White and John Fahey. Then, he ascended to ranks of the most celebrated and accomplished guitarists, regularly performing at the acoustic International Guitar Festival, an event that brings together the world’s finest players, kind of like the Mensa of the guitar. Along with Ed Gerhard, Bob Brozman, and a handful of others, he represents the blues well among the small circle of the “virtuosos virtuosos.”
By no means singularly a blues player, he has one foot in the jazz realm. When he does play the blues, his repertoire is wide-ranging and unlimited. Be it Ragtime, Piedmont, fingerpicking, slide, laptop, whatever he touches is amazing and delightful.
All the fancy technique, but can he play the blues with feeling? Resoundingly, yes! Of course, his performances are usually more jazz oriented, but when he wants to, play the blues, he is one of today’s best.

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    Guitar of Big Bill Broonzy

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    Big Bill Broonzy’s recording career spanned from 1927 until his death in 1958. His repertoire was well recorded, from solo to duets to ensemble playing. He was rediscovered just as the "folk-revival" began in the early 1950s. Big Bill was a master of ragtime and country blues guitar. His playing was highlighted by a strong pulsating bass and melodic lead lines. Woody Mann carefully explains Big Bill’s techniques and style in this video lesson. Also presented is rare footage of Big Bill from the 1950s as well as BONUS audio tracks of his 1930-1934 recordings that are taught in this lesson (indicated with a *). 

    Titles include: Moppers Blues, Pig Meat Strut*, Long Tall Mama*, Hey, Hey, Worried Man Blues, Saturday Night Rub*, Brownskin Shuffle*, How You Want It Done*, Mississippi River Blues* and Worrying You Off My Mind*

    90 minutes • Level 3 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Very DEEP teaching! This is a very deep DVD. It is not for the faint of heart. Woody Mann is not only a gifted performer, but a natural teacher meaning that he possesses the gift of teaching; the ability to share information, anticipate students' trouble areas, and to inspire.

    These songs are terrific and although the student may be able to get through them, learning them at tempo is another issue. Mann gives the most perfect replications of BBB's material and breaks down the songs to the point of understanding for Intermediate, and even some “advanced Beginners.“

    This DVD will provide you with MONTHS of “private” lessons. The songs are fun to play, and fun to hear. Camera angles are terrific and the song selection is the best of BBB. Some nice additions: video clips of Big Bill performing in the 50's.

    Mann never disappoints; here and in his other instructional DVDs. He is a treasure to all guitar students. – Peter Hyatt/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: An excellent DVD, fine Broonzy selections and Mann instructs in his usual way of making the learner work just a little. He's not about too much discourse on technique and fingering. He knows that his own precise playing, the split screen and original Broonzy audio and visuals of him playing, make it all well within grasp. A very fine Broonzy lesson by a fine musician. – Ken/Amazon Customer Review

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