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Guitar of Lonnie Johnson - 3 CD Set taught by Woody Mann

Widely considered as one of the top acoustic guitarists in the world, masterful Woody Mann is a New York based musician and renowned teacher with deep roots in the blues. He has excellent credentials and has learned directly from the Rev. Gary Davis, played with Son House, Bukka White and John Fahey. Then, he ascended to ranks of the most celebrated and accomplished guitarists, regularly performing at the acoustic International Guitar Festival, an event that brings together the world’s finest players, kind of like the Mensa of the guitar. Along with Ed Gerhard, Bob Brozman, and a handful of others, he represents the blues well among the small circle of the “virtuosos virtuosos.”
By no means singularly a blues player, he has one foot in the jazz realm. When he does play the blues, his repertoire is wide-ranging and unlimited. Be it Ragtime, Piedmont, fingerpicking, slide, laptop, whatever he touches is amazing and delightful.
All the fancy technique, but can he play the blues with feeling? Resoundingly, yes! Of course, his performances are usually more jazz oriented, but when he wants to, play the blues, he is one of today’s best.

  • Guitar of Lonnie Johnson - 3 CD Set taught by Woody Mann
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    Taught by: Woody Mann Publisher: SGGW Audio Lessons

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    Lonnie Johnson was the “governor” of blues guitar in the 1920’s. His playing combined incredibly fast melodic runs with evocative blues licks. His playing was the forerunner of jazz and rock guitar. Lonnie Johnson’s playing is highly challenging, provocative and exciting. His recordings from the 1920s were highly influential among all bluesmen and widely imitated. His incredible skill on the fingerboard also made him popular among jazz players. Lonnie recorded countless solo records as well as accompanying Texas Alexander, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and Eddie Lang..

    Lesson One: Away Down In The Alley is a blues guitar solo played in the key of D but with the guitar tuned D G D G B E. The playing combines blues left hand techniques with an intermittent fingerstyle approach. The end result is one of the most unique and powerful blues solos ever recorded.

    Lesson Two: Woke Up This Morning With Blues In My Fingers combines intriguing single–string blues runs with the use of diminished chords played in the key of D. This yields a unique blues guitar instrumental. Go Back To Your No Good Man is an example of how Lonnie accompanied a straight blues.

    Lesson Three: Lonnie Johnson played mostly in the key of D but he recorded one instrumental solo titled Blues In G which is presented in this lesson. This combines country blues licks with an uptown feel. We conclude the series with Stompin’ ‘Em Along Slow which is another killer blues instrumental in the key of D.

    Level 3/4 • 24 page tab/music book with three compact discs

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