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Solo Flatpicking Guitar

With 47 years of experience on the acoustic guitar, Rolly has been a National Fingerpicking Champion and a Philadelphia Music Award nominee. He has performed at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the Tasmanian Folk Festival, and tons of places in between. He hosted the Guitar Wizards radio show which ran on public radio in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Maine for several years, introducing listeners to guitarists and techniques usually searched out only by total guitar maniacs. He has served as a sideman for Magpie, Winnie Winston, Saul Broudy, Jack McGann, Priscilla Herdman, Jay Ansill, and many others, and has performed extensively with National Flatpicking Champion Mark Cosgrove, and, until her tragic death, with the late fiddler and singer extraordinaire Freyda Epstein. For the past decade, Rolly has been a popular teacher and performer at a number of guitar camps, appearing at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamps (Maryville TN), the Swannanoa Gathering (Asheville NC), Summer Acoustic Music Week in New Hampshire, the convention of the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society in Nashville TN, and others. His Youtube videos (instructional and performance) have garnered well over 100,000 hits.

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    Solo Flatpicking Guitar

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    This lesson focuses on solo flatpicking guitar, both for creating interesting accompaniments for singers, and for playing solo instrumental tunes and breaks. Starting with a discussion of the mechanics of good right and left hand technique, you'll learn:

    • 3 Basic Flatpick Rhythm Techniques
    • Playing a Melody
    • Keeping the Beat
    • Connecting Chords With Bass Runs
    • Syncopated Bass Runs
    • Crosspicking and Rolls
    • Devices for the Melody
    • The Mighty Middle Finger
    • Floating and Arpeggios Up the Neck
    • Fiddle Tune Examples  

    90 minutes - Level 2 - Tab/Music material is on the DVD as PDF files

    Review: While readers here may be more interested in playing within the context of a band, this ninety-minute DVD on solo flatpicking guitar techniques is a valuable and well-taught introduction to the fundamentals of flatpicking whether solo or in a band.

    Rolly Brown has a strong background in both fingerpicking and flatpicking, but more importantly, he has years of teaching experience, which comes through. He leads the student from basic flatpick techniques through the use of arpeggios, cross-picking, rolls, melodic emphasis, and other topics all toward integrating melody, rhythm, and chord structure to achieve a full sound on solo guitar, distinct to each song.

    Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop puts out quality products. This is well filmed with excellent sound and comes with PDFs of tab and topics on the DVD. This is not intended to be specifically a bluegrass guitar tutorial, but Brown does go over tunes such as "Coleman's Reel,""St. Anne's Reel," and "Sweet Sunny South," which are solidly within the bluegrass jam tradition. Recommended for beginning to intermediate guitar players looking to make their playing cleaner, more efficient, and more inventive. - Bluegrass Unlimited

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