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Nashville Picking Volume 1- Guitar Solos of Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins

Marcel Dadi (1951-1996) is termed "the Chet Atkins of France." He was known as one of the world's premier fingerstyle guitarists. He performed and recorded with Steve Morris, Albert Lee, Chet Atkins, Larry Coryell, and many others. During his career he released nearly 20 albums and was the organizer of the European equivalent of Nashville's Chet Atkins Appreciation Society. He was an expert on the guitar styles of Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. His personal fingerpicking style incorporated influences from all four of these great guitarists. Marcel was born in Tunisia and grew up in Paris. He played on stage for the first time at age 12 and was influenced by the English rock scene of the '60s. Bernard Photzer introduced Dadi to country licks, the rudiments of rock, and the repertoire of Elvis. At the age of 13 a neighbor, Bernard Laux, introduced Marcel to the music of Chet Atkins. Marcel took to Chet's music with a passion and learned many of his songs from recordings. Performing at the age of 19, Dadi introduced the fingerpicking style to appreciative French audiences. He began writing columns for popular music magazines and was a champion of Chet Atkins' music. In 1973 Dadi met Chet Atkins and they performed together in 1977 at the Olympia theater in Paris. Through his broad influence Marcel furthered the cause of fingerstyle guitar throughout the world. He also created some instructional videos. Dadi was one of the 230 people killed when TWA Flight 800 exploded off the coast of Long Island. He was returning to France after being honored at Nashville's Country Music Hall of Fame. His tragic death left his wife, two sons, and a daughter. Atkins had this to say about his friend: "I have lost one of my best friends. Sometimes I think he loved me as if I were one of his family. I feel the same way about him."

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    Nashville Picking Volume 1- Guitar Solos of Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins

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    "My first knowledge of Marcel Dadi came around 1973. Here was a guitarist who despite thousands of miles had figured out what it was all about." – Chet Atkins

    "Marcel Dadi is a master of the guitar styles of Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins." – Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

    In this unique series of DVD lessons Marcel Dadi presents the guitar arrangements of Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. These three titans of the guitar have defined and established country fingerstyle guitar. Their influence on the music and players of Nashville and beyond over the last fifty years is without bounds. Each has his own distinct approach, sound and style.

    "I try to play their music note-for-note," said Marcel. "They are so good -- how could you do better? They are the best in their fields. If you play a tune by Chet Atkins, you should play it like Chet Atkins. The same for Merle and Jerry... If you want to teach this style of guitar playing you have to be as close as possible to what the original musician was playing."

    Titles include: Jerry Reed's music is featured with The Claw, Kicky, Winter Walkin', Baby's Coming Home.My Old Kentucky Home by Merle Travis is presented along with Oh By Jingo! Oh By Jee! by Chet Atkins.

    62 minutes • Level 3/4 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Essential learning tool for aspiring thumbpickers. If you're serious about learning to play guitar in the styles of Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Jerry Reed or Tommy Emmanuel, this is a great place to start. The late Marcel Dadi, an extraordinary French guitarist, very clearly and patiently documents his detailed knowledge of thumbpicking in these DVDs. It's obvious Marcel was a person who loved to learn, and he was kind enough to share his experience with us. His demeanor throughout is charming, humble and sincere. His English is very good with a slight French accent and the instructions are precise and very easy to follow. That doesn't mean you'll be able to play all of the songs right away, though - the material ranges from just above beginner's level to REEEALLY hard. Almost every song contains some snag that will keep you practicing and improving for months. The only downside to this DVD is that you'll probably wear it out before you're done learning from it. – Marten Sanden/Amazon Customer Review

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