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Better Lead Guitar Through Chords

Fred Sokolow is best known as the author of a library of instructional books and DVDs for guitar, banjo, Dobro, mandolin, lap steel and ukulele. There are currently over a hundred of his books or DVDs in print, sold all over the world. Fred has long been a well-known West Coast multi-string performer and recording artist, particularly on the acoustic music scene. The diverse musical genres covered in his books and DVDs, along with several bluegrass, jazz and rock CDs he has released, demonstrate his mastery of many musical styles. Whether he's playing Delta bottleneck blues, bluegrass or old-time banjo, 30s swing guitar or screaming rock solos, he does it with authenticity and passion.

Born in Los Angeles September 14, 1945, by the early 1960s Fred was well known in the California bluegrass scene, playing with Jody Stecher, Brantley Kearns, Sandy Rothman and Eric Thompson. Relocating to Berkeley, he toured and recorded with a hippie rock band throughout most of the 60s, the Bay Area-based Notes From the Underground (Vanguard Records). In the early 70s Fred performed with R&B, rock, country and bluegrass bands. By 1975 Fred had played with bluegrass luminaries like John Herald, Frank Wakefield and Jerry Garcia, had opened for the Dead, the Doors, B.B. King, Country Joe and the Fish and countless other acts.

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    Better Lead Guitar Through Chords

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    If you're trying to improve your lead guitar playing by studying scales, that's only half the picture. The best lead guitarists in rock, jazz, country, bluegrass and R&B base much of their improvisation and soloing on chords -- even when they're playing single-note solos. In this one and a half hour lesson, Fred Sokolow shows you several chord-based approaches to soloing and backup.

    Covering several musical genres, Fred teaches you to:

    • Play arpeggios, country licks and fast flatpicking solos in country/ bluegrass tunes like Jambalaya and Wreck of the Old 97.
    • Solo and backup R&B songs like People Get Ready and Just My Imagination in the colorful style Jimi Hendrix used on Little Wing.
    • Play Steve Cropper-style licks on Dock of the Bay and Under the Boardwalk.
    • Improvise Django-style solos on swing tunes like Avalon.

    You'll also learn some music theory and get a better understanding of the guitar, as Fred shows you ways to instantly find chords up and down the fretboard, and connect them in chord families. Lots of Fred's solos are written out in the accompanying tab/music booklet, and if you put the DVD in your computer, you can access a PDF file and print it all out in a larger size.

    Fred's relaxed style of teaching makes it easy for you to add new licks, new color and new strategies to your lead guitar playing.

    90 minutes - Level 1/2 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Fred is a great teacher! I've tried quite a few guitar instruction DVDs, and this one is among the best. Too often teachers rush through licks and chords, leaving me breathless and reaching for the pause button. Not Fred! I won't say I never paused the video, but I was never forced to do so. Fred moves the lesson along, but he always takes the time to show you how to play the chord and the lick. Also, there is a lot of really useful stuff here. I learned A LOT from this DVD! - Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Secrets of Melodic Lead Playing Unveiled. I've always played rhythm guitar, but recently I've tried to learn how lead guitarists get a full, melodic sound for backups and solos, not just in blues, but in pop, R&B, and country. I had no luck until this DVD. Fred Sokolow shows you how to play lead guitar all over the fretboard using the basic chord shapes: D, A and F. Instead of playing scales in one position, you move with the chord changes, and the notes you want are all right there. The video moves at a leisurely pace with Fred teaching a small, manageable lesson. Then he and his son Zach play a tune illlustrating the lesson, while you try to play along. I think this video is great for rhythm players who want to expand their abilities. - Amazon Customer Review

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