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The Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery

Adrian Ingram is widely recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the jazz guitar. He has written extensively about the history, players, styles and instruments of the genre. As an educator, he has served as guitar specialist for Birmingham Education Authority (1975-1981) and Lecturer in jazz and popular music at Huddersfield Technical College (1981-82). Following this he taught for thirteen years as senior lecturer in jazz guitar at the prestigious Leeds College of Music (1982-1995).

Adrian has an MA in music performance and a Master of Philosophy in music education. He studied music education with professor John Paynter OBE (York University) and the guitar with Barney Kessel and Howard Roberts. He was elected both Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and Fellow of the College of Preceptors (FColl.P) in 1987 for outstanding contribution to music education. Adrian also holds advanced diplomas in classical guitar performance and instruction and has attained Dept. of Education and Science’s "qualified teacher" status.

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    The Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery

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    Adrian Ingram's detailed examination of Wes Montgomery's unique style is a tour-de-force in the art of jazz guitar. Besides covering the more overt aspects of Montgomery's style, such as thumb and octave techniques, important yet seldom discussed substitutional devices and soloing conceptions are also examined in detail. Rare film footage of Wes, together with performances by Adrian of classic tunes, like "4 on 6" and "West Coast Blues," further illustrate and reinforce the ideas covered in this important DVD lesson.

    Everyone with an interest in jazz guitar will find something of value here. Those who wish to incorporate the flavour of Wes Montgomery's unique style into their playing will find the Guitar Styles of Wes Montgomery an indispensable lesson. A working knowledge of Wes Montgomery's characteristic techniques provides new horizons which will ultimately allow you to take your playing onto a higher level.

    85 minutes • Level 3/4 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Well worth owning. The Guitar Styles of Wes Montgomery by Adrian Ingram is good. Plenty for me to learn there, as someone who is essentially a beginner or low-intermediate in terms of Jazz guitar. As an example on “Impressions”, one of my favorite Wes performances, Adrian explains the relationships between the scales and chords used, and where they fit. It does give alot of insight into Wes' approach on that song. I like that there are actual performances of Wes Montgomery included within the video.

    I would have preferred much more detail in regards to a study of Wes' solo on Impressions (as an example), but having gone through the video lesson I am much more advanced in my understanding of the material than I was before. And then there is the advantage of being able to go back and check it out again and again. It is a DVD well worth owning. – A.J. Love/Amazon Customer Review

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