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Mississippi John Hurt

  • Mississippi John Hurt
    Hard Copy    $24.99  Item Number:  3176

    Transcribed by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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    Edited and Transcribed by Stefan Grossman

    The playing of Mississippi John Hurt combines lyrical songs with lovely guitar arrangements. 26 arrangements are presented in this collection. Arrangements in the keys of G, C, E, A and D are studied. Two CDs of Mississippi John playing all the tunes are included. 

    Titles include: Shake That Thing, Spike Driver’s Blues, Casey Jones, Got The Blues, Joe Turner Blues, Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor, Nobody’s Dirty Business, Richland Women Blues, Louis Collins, Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me, Avalon Blues, Sliding Delta, Coffee Blues, Monday Morning Blues, Candyman, See See Rider, Stack O’Lee Blues, Big Leg Blues, Stocktime, Hey Baby Right Away, Ain’t Nobody But You Babe, Blessed Be The Name, Praying On The Old Camp Grounds, Oh Mary Don’t You Weep, Corrina Corrina and Trouble I've Had All My Days

    Level 2 • 96 pages • 2 CDs

    Review: This book covers most if not all of Mississippi John Hurt's songs (26 songs total). This is essentially the same book as the older Stefan Grossman's Masters of Country Blues Guitar, The Music of Mississippi John Hurt, Edited by Aaron Stang. The two CDs are very high quality recordings of live performances, possibly not available elsewhere. Shake That Thing and Sliding Delta are included here. I've been unable to find MJH recorded version of these songs elsewhere. These recordings just by themselves are probably worth the price of the whole package. Songs are presented in tablature and standard music format. All the words for all the verses are present. The tablature is big and easy to read. There are several songs where the tablature transcriptions are just for the break. The parts that aren't tabbed out should be the easiest parts to figure out. Or, you can learn the break and just use that to accompany your singing. Again each song is represented, on a separate page, in standard music format, with the melody line and the cords noted. I wanted Coffee Blues spoon fed to me one loving spoonful at a time, in its entirety, so I'm a little disappointed that only the break was included as tablature. I'm sure that filling in the gaps will make me a better musician. That is the whole point isn't it? – Max/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Another Grossman product of excellence! Grossman is serious about the blues. A gifted teacher (see his DVDs here at Amazon), here he presents the student with an excellent and nicely legible Guitar Tab of 26 of Mississippi John Hurt's songs, including all the hits “My Creole Belle,” “Louis Collins” and some not so known like, “Blessed Be the Name” and “Sliding Delta.”

    As with other Grossman products, excellence is the keyword. Grossman wants precision and he wants feel, but before you can “own” and begin to add signature to a song, you must learn it. He feels that you can best learn from the master himself, so included is two CDs of MJH's music, including the high quality live performances (with much improved recording over the 1920's and 1930's recordings), so it is a real treat to own.

    Great for early guitarists who may not yet be true Intermediates, but also great for advanced guitarists who need the music of MJH! – Peter Hyatt/Amazon Customer Review

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