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Country Blues Guitar

  • Country Blues Guitar
    Hard Copy    $15.00  Item Number:  sggw103

    Artist: Stefan Grossman & Rory Block Publisher: SGGW CD Collection

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    Rare Archival Recordings 1963-71

    In this 71 minute CD, rare recordings of a young Rory Block and Stefan Grossman are featured. As well, the original landmark 1964 Elektra release of their HOW TO PLAY BLUES GUITAR (plus out-takes) is presented. This is an enhanced CD and features a PDF file of tab/music for all the tunes from HOW TO PLAY BLUES GUITAR.

    After these tracks were recorded Rory went on to record solo albums and became the Winner of five WC Handy Blues Music Awards. Stefan went on to record solo albums as well as the highly acclaimed duet albums with John Renbourn. He has also authored countless guitar books on the Country Blues.

    Track Listing: (click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

    1. Crow Jane 
    2. I’m So Glad 
    3. Pony Blues 
    4. Walking Blues 
    5. Devil Got My Woman 
    6. Yonder Comes The Blues 
    7. Guitar Blues 
    8. Ragged and Dirty 
    9. Patton Blues in G 
    10. Stagolee 
    11. Special Rider 
    12. New Pony Blues 
    13. Shuffle for the Perls 
    14. Canned Heat

    15. Old Country Rock 
    16. Future Blues 
    17. Turn Your Money Green 
    18. God Moves On The Water
    19. Monday Morning Blues 
    20. M & O Blues 
    21. Whistlin’ Blues 
    22. Candyman 
    23. Banty Rooster 
    24. Save Up Your Money, John D. Rockerfeller Put The Panic On
    25. Canned Heat 
    26. Vestapol 
    27. Brownsville Blues 
    28. Police Dog Blues 
    29. You Got The Pocket Book, I Got The Key 
    30. Mississippi Blues 

    Out takes FROM THE 1964 HOW TO PLAY BLUES GUITAR album
    31. Kokomo Blues 
    32. Belzona Blues 

    ReviewStefan Grossman was at Ground Zero of the great folk and blues rediscovery period of the late 1960s to early 1970s and collaborated with many of the greats who were finally getting their long overdue recognition. Blues luminaries from Mississippi John Hurt to Son House, Skip James, and Rev. Gary Davis eventually wound up on Grossman's radar and jammed and recorded with the guitarist/vocalist. But his best work was in discovering 12-year-old Rory Block, who was playing guitar behind her father on a Sunday afternoon in Greenwich Village in 1963. Grossman instantly recognized Block's enormous potential and the two set about collaborating and translating some of the blues classics that they eventually turned into an album.

    How To Play Blues Guitar was released in 1967 with Block appearing under the name Sunshine Kate; the second half of this disc is taken from those sessions. All 18 tracks are strictly instrumentals with Grossman and Block working through numerous classics such as Willie Brown's M&O Blues and Rev. Gary Davis's Candyman. Twelve of the first 14 tracks of Country Blues Guitar are taken from an early session recorded by Yazoo Records founder Nick Perls. The remaining two cuts feature Son House in a 1971 recording session in London. House sounds unusually reserved and restrained on Yonder Comes The Blues but delivers a more impassioned performance on New Pony Blues, with Grossman accompanying House on guitar on both cuts. Country Blues Guitar also comes complete with a PDF  tab/music file showing tab arrangement for the tracks that were originally released on How To Play Blues Guitar. 

    Country Blues Guitar is an intriguing release that gives a glimpse into the very early career of Rory Block, then a young acoustic guitar dynamo who played stunning blues. – Living Blues/Dave Ruthenberg

    Review: Among the great names associated with the archiving and preservation of true blues music, such as Alan Lomax, Dick Waterman or Paul Oliver, Stefan Grossman deserves a whole wing of the music library to himself. Not only is he one hell of a guitar player – he is also steeped in the tradition of exposing and encouraging this fabulous, lilting form of old country blues by promoting its many skilled exponents through books, recordings and DVDs. 

    If you're in love with the acoustic blues guitar, then this CD is the engagement ring leading to your marriage. This represents two albums with a generous 32 tracks, featuring tunes mostly by Stefan, with vocals and second guitar by the sweet-voiced Rory Block. One of the albums is the 1964 How To Play Blues Guitar and, sheer magic – the CD contains a 31 page PDF file with all the music, tabulation and keys, with some stunning photos. All the familiar country guitar tunes are here – Walking Blues, Stagolee, Police Dog Blues – in fact this is a sheer delight, something you can sit down with, get your own axe out and have a go. Thank you yet again, Mr. Grossman. Keep up the good work. – Roy Bainton/Blues Matters!

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