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Delta Blues Guitar

  • Delta Blues Guitar
    Hard Copy    $20.99  Item Number:  25980

    Transcribed by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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    Featuring Charlie Patton, Son House, Skip James, Hambone Willie Newbern, Robert Wilkins, Willie Brown and Arthur Pettis 

    Edited and Transcribed by Stefan Grossman

    Titles include: WILLIE BROWN Future Blues, M&O Blues, Ragged And Dirty SON HOUSE Dry Spell Blues, My Black Mama SKIP JAMES Devil Got My Woman, Hard Time Killin’ Floor, Special Rider HAMBONE WILLIE NEWBERN Roll And Tumble Blues CHARLIE PATTON Screamin’ And Hollerin’ The Blues, Stone Pony Blues, 34 Blues ARTHUR PETTIS Good Boy Blues ROBERT WILKINS That’s No Way To Get Along

    Level 3 • 64 pages • 1 CD

    Review: Just a beauty of a book. A sampling of classic delta bluesmen with their songs and tablature. Many are quoted, shedding light on personalities and the time and place in which they lived. A great book to purchase if you want to explore the genre. – Mashmal/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Great Repertoire, Waiting to Be Learned. This book contains, in tablature and standard notation, songs by a number of great Delta bluesmen -- Charley Patton, Son House, Robert Johnson, Willie Brown, Skip James and others. Grossman does not in every case write out the notation for the entire song; a song might be represented by its intro, first verse and closing guitar lick, or maybe just by an extended break. In each case, Grossman gives you enough information that you can sit down with the recording and learn to play these classic songs. Interview snippets, history and photographs add great color and texture to an extremely useful work. – Big Dave/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: A valuable collection of country blues solos. For many years, Stefan Grossman's blues materials have helped shine the light on the concepts and techniques used by the masters of country blues. All fingerpicking guitarists owe Mr. Grossman a debt for his efforts in preserving and teaching this vital style of music.

    Delta Blues Guitar is a book that has been around for quite awhile, that is, it has stood the test of time. And the reason is that it is a valuable collection of solos by players like Charley Patton, Son House, Willie Brown, Robert Johnson, and others. The material is enjoyable to play and each piece is supplemented with informative notes by Grossman.

    When I use this book with my students, we do not focus on merely learning the songs note-for-note and then quickly moving to another song. The written arrangements here are best seen as outlines that should be built upon with original ideas according to the ability of the student to do so. Therefore, this type of book is best suited to students and players who are not settling for the “note-for-note,” “one-song-per-week” sort of approach to playing guitar.

    In other words, after learning each tune, start filling it out with your own ideas. This can and should take a lifetime. That's how you play the blues, by endlessly experimenting, tweaking, adjusting, adding new ideas as you grow as a player. It doesn't have to be highly technical, in fact, a lot of great blues playing is actually pretty simple to pull off technically. It is the personal involvement and feeling that count the most.

    I highly recommend this book to any guitar player who wants some fine arrangements and great, historic ideas on which to build an authentic repertoire of fingerpicking blues music. – MusicTeacherCA/Amazon Customer Review

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