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Lonnie Johnson

  • Lonnie Johnson
    Hard Copy    $20.99  Item Number:  3346

    Transcribed by: Stefan Grossman Publisher: Alfred Publishing

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    Edited and Transcribed by Stefan Grossman

    Lonnie Johnson was the “governor” of blues guitar throughout the 1920s and 1930s. In this collection a wide variety of blues and guitar instrumentals are presented. A CD of Lonnie playing all the tunes is included. 

    Titles include: Mr. Johnson’s Blues, Love Story Blues, To Do This, You Got To Know How, Blues In G, Away Down In The Alley Blues, Sweet Woman You Can’t Go Wrong, I’m So Tired Of Living All Alone, Bitin’ Flea Blues, Life Saver Blues, Blue Ghost Blues, Uncle Ned Don’t Use Your Head, Cat You Been Messin’ Aroun’, There Is No Justice, Go Back To Your No Good Man, Stomping ‘ Em Along Slow, Woke Up With The Blues In My Fingers

    Level 3/4 • 108 pages • 1 CD

    Review: Now, I am a very happy guitar man. This is the kind of book that I really have wanted for a while. I have been playing guitar for thirteen years, have taken college jazz guitar courses, have played fingerstyle guitar for at least six years, and get really impatient with instructional material. Usually I will disagree with what the material is saying and then cite many other sources from my past experiences as a historian would in an essay.

    There is no instruction in the formal sense. It would be a lie to say that the book does teach anything, but the instruction is natural and authentic. Imagine you just bought a CD without having heard it and that you are trusting that Stefan Grossman has compiled a strong selection of songs (a good move, as he knows what he is doing). Now imagine that you opened up the linear notes book and VOILA, there are the tabs and transcriptions for every song on the disc. It is heavenly and glorious.

    For those people who really want the formal instruction and advise on the how to play, pick up some of Stefan Grossman's other guitar books, such as the Complete Fingerstyle Guitar or Complete Country Blues Guitar. Those will actually teach you in the formal sense. This is laid out for something who has read through those materials or can't be bothered and just wants to play like they played in the long and distant past.

    Play on, my friends. Play on.
    Peace. – Brian Olson/Amazon Customer Review

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