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Larry Coryell's Blues Guitar

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    Larry Coryell's Blues Guitar

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    Larry goes "back to the roots" and gets down "to the bare basics" in this video lesson that demonstrates the early influences on his own blues-jazz evolution. He begins with the blues guitar techniques of T-Bone Walker and then to the two "Kings" (B.B. and Albert). This is followed by the more sophisticated blues/jazz realm of Wes Montgomery. The lesson finishes with some non-guitar but equally important blues influences from the legendary Miles Davis.

    Specifics covered in the lesson are:

    • The pentatonic scale and intervals. 
    • A transcription of a blues tribute to T-Bone Walker. 
    • Bending notes in the styles of B.B. and Albert King. 
    • Wes Montgomery's D Natural Blues. 
    • Miles Davis's All Blues with relevant "jazz minor" scales that take the music from the basics to the more complex.

    66 minutes - Level 3/4 - Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: Blues from T-Bone Walker to Miles Davis. This is an unusual - and very interesting - blues lesson, covering the use of pentatonic scales and diminished chords in the style of T-Bone Walker, the string bending of the three Kings (BB, Albert, and Freddie, and the sophisticated blues of Wes Montgomery (D Natural Blues) and Miles Davis (All Blues). If you're looking for a way to learn jazz influenced blues, this is ideal. Although this starts at the very basics, this is not for the absolute beginner. I bought this DVD 'on spec' as there were no reviews, and I'm very impressed with Larry Coryell's knowledge and presentation. - M.D. Bell/Amazon Customer Review



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