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Stefan Grossman - 3 CD Combo

  • Stefan Grossman - 3 CD Combo
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    Friends Forever- Guitar Collaborations:

    Playing guitar with friends has been a great joy and inspiration to me. Over the last 40 years I have been so fortunate to have recorded with some great guitarists, i.e. John Renbourn, Larry Coryell, Mickey Baker, Sam Mitchell, Duck Baker, Rory Block, Mike Cooper and Tokio Uchida . This collection puts together some of these tracks.

    Track Listing(click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

    1. Idaho Potato w. John Renbourn
    2. The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife Are Some Jive Ass Slippers w. John Renbourn
    3. Spirit Levels w. John Renbourn
    4. Sunset on Soweto w. Larry Coryell
    5. Bottleneck Blackout w. Larry Coryell
    6. Tightrope w. Stefan
    7. Tomorrow w. Stefan
    8. Juicy Lucy w. Mickey Baker
    9. Ragtime Mama Blues w. Sam Mitchell
    10. Big Bill’s Shuffle w. Duck Baker
    11. From Berne To Perth w. Duck Baker
    12. Kicking Up The Dust w. Duck Baker
    13. Tribute to Lonnie Johnson w. Tokio Uchida
    14. Shining Shadows w. Tokio Uchida
    15. Crow Jane w. Rory Block
    16. Pony Blues w. Rory Block
    17. Bottleneck Serenade w. Mike Cooper
    18. Friends Forever w. Mike Cooper

    Shining Shadows:

    Stefan Grossman's life story unfolds like the plot of a fantastically farfetched novel studded with mythical and mystical characters and music at every turn. You can look at it like this: At age 15 Stefan began his tri-weekly pilgrimages from Brooklyn to a shack on Park Avenue in the heart of New York City's Bronx to take lessons from a legendary bluesman, the late Rev. Gary Davis. He then became a dedicated member of the "Blues Mafia" - a group of researchers intent on rediscovering the great bluesmen who had performed on the race records of the '20s and '30s - where he became close friends with Skip James, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and other great black American bluesmen and songsters. Never one to rest on the oars, Stefan has authored many music books that present these styles to pickers worldwide.

    Before moving to Europe in 1967 Stefan gigged with the Even Dozen Jug Band, an early counterculture rock band known as the Fugs, and Mike Bloomfield in the band Chicago Loop. While living in Italy several years later, Stefan decided that there was a shortage of good guitar records, so he co-founded Kicking Mule Records in 1973. With a lineup of artists that included guitarists Dave Evans, Ton Van Bergeyk, Happy Traum, Duck Baker, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn and Davey Graham. Stefan was instrumental in promoting and preserving the best in blues, ragtime and contemporary picking. And in addition to his record producing, personal recordings, instructional writings and other projects, Stefan has kept up his live appearances.

    Shining Shadows is an album of original solo guitar instrumentals. Recorded in 1984 at the BBC Studios in London.

    Tab/music of all the tunes is included on this CD as PDF files.

    Track Listing: (click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

    1. Blues For The Mann
    2. Requiem For Patrick Kilroy
    3. Logan’s Water
    4. Lemon’s Jump
    5. Ms. Josephine Ayres
    6. Beyond The Pleasure Principle
    7. Sparkling On The Wind
    8. Shining Shadows
    9. Capricorn Five
    10. Just a Closer Walk With Thee
    11. Lament For A Goodman

    Thunder On The Run:

    Recorded in 1980, this album presents guitar solos as well as arrangements with Sam Mitchell and Tony Roberts.

    “What Stefan achieved with the blues is a musical ideal that other folk musicians, working in different fields, might have followed if they'd had the skill or the imagination. From his base in Rome, he spends part of his time writing books on the early blues and guitar technique, part of his time touring, and part of his time writing. His songs are ‘totally blues influenced’, he insists, ‘though some may not sound like it. Some may sound like jazz or Bach, but it's blues-influenced, because that's my base, that's where I learned about music’. At a Stefan concert, one might hear John Hurt's ‘Satisfied And Tickled Too’, Rev. Davis' ‘Candyman’, medleys of ragtime styles, all mixed with Stefan's highly individual compositions. He's written everything from childrens' songs to bleak, surreal ballads, and a whole variety of instrumentals. He moves from the traditional to the experimental, and back again, in a way that British traditionalists, with only one or two exceptions, find quite unthinkable.” – Robin Deselow (from The Electric Muse, 1980)

    All tunes except From Berne to Perth have been transcribed and included in a pdf tab/music booklet on the CD.

    Track Listing: (click on tracks for mp3 sound samples)

    1. Thunder On The Run
    2. The Assassination of John Fahey
    3. From Berne To Perth
    4. Medley: Sergeant Early's Dream & Red Haired Boy
    5. Blind Mary
    6. Callahan's Hornpipe
    7. Pretty Girl Milking A Cow
    8. Peak's Puzzle
    9. Kicking Up The Dust
    10. Medley: St. Andrews & The Fiddler's Contest
    11. Silver Swan
    12. Medley: Billy In the Lowgrounds & Greenfields Of America



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