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Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt Volume 2

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    Guitar of Mississippi John Hurt Volume 2

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    It is no exaggeration to state that much of the interest in Country Blues today can be attributed to the tremendous appeal that Mississippi John Hurt exerted upon audiences during the brief period between his rediscovery in 1963 and his death in 1966.

    This second DVD guitar lesson devoted to Mississippi John's music presents more songs chosen to showcase his playing in different keys. The accompanying booklet includes tab/standard notation transcriptions and lyrics of the songs.

    Titles include: You're Going To Walk That Lonesome Valley Blues, Worried Blues, Avalon Blues, Richland Woman Blues, Big Leg Blues, Candyman, and Payday

    101 minutes - Level 2 - 33 page PDF tab/music booklet

    Review: Excellent! John Miller is obviously a gifted guitarist, but more importantly to those of us who purchase these DVDs for instruction, he is also a gifted teacher. With his easy going personality, he is a very likable figure, as you will spend many hours on these DVDs, revisiting the lessons repeatedly, as you learn some of the most beautiful fingerpicking songs ever composed.

    This two volume set, along with Homespun's DVD with Happy Traum and John Sebastian teaching the music of Mississippi John Hurt, will give you a really well rounded MJH education! You will learn the songs and those that hear you will enjoy them tremendously...even my kids sing, "My Creole Belle". - Peter Hyatt/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: From John to John. John S. Hurt may have been unassuming in person, but he, along with Rev Gary Davis, taught the folk revival how to fingerpick. Jonn Miller knows Hurt's music inside-out and presents it clearly. Volume 1 is good but the songs in this lesson (Payday, Avalon, Candyman) make it the winner in my book. But if you want Spike Driver, then you need em both! Essential stuff for fingerstyle guitar. - Blackhorse/Amazon Customer Review



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