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Legends of Country Blues Guitar Volume 3

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    Legends of Country Blues Guitar Volume 3

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    featuring Furry Lewis, Rev. Gary Davis, Josh White, John Jackson, Pink Anderson, Jesse Fuller, Ethel & George McCoy

    Much of the extremely rare performance footage presented in this video has never before been publicly seen and documents the diversity of a music which was as personal as a fingerprint yet as universal as the blues itself. John Jackson, Pink Anderson, Rev. Gary Davis and the charismatic Josh White manifest different aspects of the rich Piedmont ragtime/blues tradition.

    In Memphis, echoes of the Mississippi Delta could be heard in the music of Furry Lewis. While the delightfully eccentric Jesse Fuller and the introspective Robert Pete Williams embody country blues which defies regional identity.

    Titles include: FURRY LEWIS Judge Boushe Blues, Furry's Blues, See That My Grave Is Kept Clean, John Henry JOHN JACKSON That Will Never Happen No More, Rag In C JOSH WHITE You Know Baby What I Want, Number 12 Train, Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out ROBERT PETE WILLIAMS Dear Old Mother Of Mine ETHEL & GEORGE McCOY Black Mary PINK ANDERSON She Knows How To Stretch It, Ain't Nobody Home But Me, Crow Jane, You Don't Know What The Lord Told Me REV. GARY DAVIS Oh Glory How Happy I Am JESSE FULLER Running Wild, The Woman I Had She Left Me.

    Running Time: 60 minutes

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