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Flatpicking Country Classics

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    Flatpicking Country Classics

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    All you need to put over a good country song is your voice and a guitar. In this 75 minute DVD Fred teaches nine standards every country picker/singer should know... from start to finish. You’ll learn an intro for each song, a backup pattern and bass runs to play while singing, an instrumental solo, and an ending.

    Picking up where his Beginner's Country Guitar video left off, Fred keeps the arrangements fairly simple but includes a few up-the-neck chord  positions and hot licks. You’ll learn solos and runs in five different keys.

    Each song is played at regular speed and then slowed down on a split-screen that gives you a close-up look at the picking hand and the chording hand. All the arrangements are clearly written out in tab and music in the accompanying booklet, along with lyrics.

    Titles include: New San Antonio Rose, Wild Side of Life, Waltz Across Texas, The Race is On, Beautiful Kentucky Waltz, That’s the Way Love Goes, I Don’t Hurt Any more, Someone I Used To Know and City of New Orleans

    75 minutes • Level 1/2 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: A Fred fan. I didn't even like many tunes on this disc. I prefer older Carter style stuff. However Freds' arrangements changed my mind. I am working on one right now. That pays for the disc by itself. I'll get to several others in time. This is a follow-up to his Country dvd. Close-ups of both hands and a little downhome humor make this worth the 25 bucks. – Donald Ruvolis/Amazon Customer Review

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