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Guitar of Mance Lipscomb Volume 2

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    Guitar of Mance Lipscomb Volume 2

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    In this second DVD lesson, Ernie Hawkins continues his study of Mance Lipscomb’s monotonic bass guitar style and techniques. Ernie highlights the ever popular Spoonful, two ragtime instrumentals in the key of G and A and an extended blues in the key of G.

    Titles include: Spoonful, G Rag, A Rag and Blues In G

    66 minutes • Level 3 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review: I bought volume two of Ernie Hawkins instruction for Mance quite a while back now and later bought volume one. Of the two, volume one is probably my pick but this second is good also. All songs allow for building variations into them, so respecting the original but creating your own effect or “continuing the folk process” as Hawkins himself observed when referring to one of his great renditions on The Artistry Of Ernie Hawkins DVD. Hawkins teaches well on this volume 2 of Mance and a bonus is some good footage of Lipscomb in concert from the 1960s. – Ken/Amazon Customer Review

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