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Doc Watson and David Grisman In Concert

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    Doc Watson and David Grisman In Concert

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    “Doc Watson is as Appalachian as anthracite, born in Deep Gap, North Carolina in 1923. He is perhaps the best flat-picking guitarist ever. David Grisman is a traditionalist who knows no reason to be stuck in just one tradition, he has lent his mandolin skills to all sorts of projects, from blues to bluegrass to klezmer to his original Dawg music. When Doc Watson called David up on stage one night, a musical marriage was born. Together they can make even Gershwin (“Summertime”) country; mostly they make it unbelievably good... Together each pushes the other to further virtuosity.” – The Independent

    Doc Watson has known David Grisman since the latter was a teenager stunning veteran performers at New York City folk clubs in the 1960s. Aside from the pleasures of picking with an old friend, the reward of playing with Grisman is simple: “He knows music,” Doc says, “That’s your nutshell answer. He knows what it’s about.”

    Coming from a master musician for whom the gift of music is the only reason worth leaving the sweet comforts of family and home, that is the highest praise. In this unique concert video Doc and David with their friend Jack Lawrence present their unique blend of country, jazz, bluegrass and folk-music.

    Titles include: Bye Bye Blues, Shady Grove, Summertime, Sweet Georgia Brown, Hobo Bill’s Last Ride, In The Pines. Long Journey Home, Lonesome Moonlight Waltz, EMD, I Don’t Love Nobody, Blue Eyed Jane, Kentucky Waltz, Will You Be Loving Another Man, Deep River Blues, Soldier’s Joy, Medley: Big Sandy/Salt Creek, Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms and Roll On Buddy.

    Running Time: 70 minutes

    Review: In the early 1960s, Doc Watson, a seasoned performer, called David Grisman, then a talented teenager, up on stage to play and they've been friends ever since. This meeting finds them both as master musicians at the top of their craft, blending the traditions of bluegrass, country blues, jazz and folk music into their own unique language. They are joined by Watson's frequent accompanist Jack Lawrence and this video features generous helpings of everything one might expect when musicians of this caliber get together to perform. The repertoire will not be unfamiliar to folks who have listened to Doc Watson for a while; it includes "Shady Grove," "Deep River Blues," and a stunning version of "Soldier's Joy." Watson and Grisman perform "In The Pines," which was the first tune that they played together, and the group plays a pleasant version of Gershwin's Summertime" and test their chops on Grisman's "EMD," a tasty bit of Dawg music. The only thing better than listening to Doc Watson and David Grisman is watching them perform together. – Dirty Linen

    Review: Two great American musicians.  Flat picking guitar legend Doc Watson is joined on stage by mandolin player David Grisman. It seems like an odd combination at first, as Watson is an old timer from the mountains of North Carolina and Grisman a hippie from New York perhaps best known for his Grateful Dawg sessions with Jerry Garcia. But actually these two go way back to the NYC folk scene of the early 60's. In fact, Doc first invited David to play on stage with him when Grisman was just a 17 year old kid.

    In this concert footage they play a slew of classic American songs such as “Summertime” and “Sweet Georgia Brown”. I especially enjoyed their version of the Bill Monroe favorite “In The Pines”. The two seem compatible on both a musical and personal level, dishing out some hot instrumental licks as Doc coaxes David to “play it pretty.”

    Interviews with both musicians are also interspersed between songs. Doc discusses how he first learned to play guitar and his wide range of musical influences while David talks about his early efforts to imitate Bill Monroe before finding his own identity as a player. This is some terrific music from two great musicians and comes highly recommended. – Chris Lualien 


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