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Doc and Merle Watson In Concert

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    Doc and Merle Watson In Concert

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    Doc is joined by his son Merle on guitar and banjo and T. Michael Coleman on bass in this concert recorded in 1980. Their performance is a showcase of native folk traditions and a display of distinctive stylistic inventions. Doc and Merle Watson's repertoire encompasses country ballads, bluegrass, gospel, jazz standards, contemporary songs and blues.

    A visit with Doc and Merle at home in Deep Gap, North Carolina and in concert in Rock Hill, South Carolina is also included.

    Titles include: Way Downtown, Sadie, Frosty Morn, Medley: Big Sandy/Old Joe Clark, Don't Think Twice, It's Alright, Summertime, Smoke, Smoke, Sweet Georgia Brown, Pallet On Your Floor, Streamline Cannonball, Wild Bill Jones, Natural Born Gamblin Man, Got The Blues Can't Be Satisfied, I Miss The Mississippi And You, 'Rangement Blues and Medley: Yankee Doodle/Dixie. 

    Bonus Material: 1999 Interview with Doc

    Running Time: 70 minutes

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    Review: Father and son make beautiful music together. Doc Watson is one of the true treasures of American folk music. He is known for his virtuoso guitar playing and distinctive vocals. But what I especially love about Doc is his choice of songs, bringing to the public some of the all time great classics and overlooked gems in the canon of American traditional music.

    This concert is from 1980 and Doc is joined by his son, Merle Watson, on guitar and Michael Coleman on bass. They play a wide range of traditional tunes, including "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Wild Bill Jones" and "I Miss The Mississippi And You", closing with a harmonica medley of "Yankee Doodle Dandy" and "Dixie".

    The concert is interspersed with an interview from Doc's home in Deep Gap, North Carolina and following the show. There is an additional "bonus" interview with Doc from 1999. This is terrific stuff from one of the greats of American music. Highly recommended! - Chris Lualien/Amazon Customer Review

    Review: Excellent. A Must-See. This DVD presents Doc and son Merle Watson in fine form. The treat is T. Michael Coleman on Bass. Doc helped give Coleman his start in the bluegrass area, and now Coleman is producing some of the finest bluegrass, newgrass, and folk acts available. This DVD not only presents Doc in front of a live audience which seems to bring out the best in his "pickin' and grinnin'", but also intersperses interviews with Doc between every few songs about his life, his influences, and his playing. If you have to choose 1 Doc Watson DVD or VHS, I would suggest this well-rounded film. I have had the good fortune to see Doc live, he even signed my guitar. He is a true gentleman and a master of the acoustic guitar. This film does him justice. - Andrew Wheeler/Amazon Customer Review





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